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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

myRightBird Quiz & Website

Finalist in Artificial Intelligence

About this entry

The Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK) was formed in 2016 as a concentrated effort to grow bird ownership, a undoubtedly difficult mission. BEAK had previously engaged Wakefield to conduct research into the opportunities and barriers to bird ownership. This research allowed us to identify the most appropriate key audiences, messages that are most persuasive at encouraging bird ownership and the most popular channels to reach our target audience. Previous pet industry knowledge indicates that birds are often relinquished or rehomed due to the owner not understanding the commitment necessary to care for a pet bird for its lifetime. Based on this information and the research, our team determined that launching a consumer-facing campaign aimed at finding the ideal bird for each individual and their lifestyle, that also celebrates their uniqueness, beauty, sight and sounds would help us grow bird ownership. Thus, the myBird campaign was created and launched in February 2017.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In an effort to get people interested in bird ownership, we created a dynamic quiz that matches people with the right bird for their lifestyle, because who doesn't love a quiz? Upon completing our 13-question interactive questionnaire, respondents receive a comprehensive overview of the bird species they're most compatible with, along with a compatibility score. We sourced information from all members of the BEAK board to develop the best possible questions and corresponding answers for the interactive quiz, made the decision to include feeding and care instructions once matched with a bird, and partnered with Birdhism to license the already-popular "chubby birds" you see on the website to solidify the branding of the quiz. The results display nearly everything a first-time bird parent needs to know before adding a bird to the family, including the bird's average lifespan, personality traits, diet, cuddle potential and enclosure needs.

After generating a bird match, myBird helps quiz participants connect with nearby birds looking for a forever home with the handy Bird Locator function. Our website development team integrated Pet Finder's API into the website and individually sourced and added hundreds of other stores and rescues that were not already included in an effort to make finding these available birds as easy as possible for the users who took the quiz. But we didn't stop there!

myBird encourages responsible, long-lasting bird ownership, which starts with routine vet visits. To make this simple, we've also provided an avian vet locator for new and existing bird owners to discover care facilities close to home. If you combine all of these elements, myBird is a one stop shop for finding the most accurate information about birds and bird care.


Since launching, has received more than 755k page views and over 341k quiz sessions. We've also maintained an extremely low bounce rate of just 23%. Since January of 2017, the quiz has matched 362k birds to potential bird owners. During the most heavily trafficked period on the site, there were 125 users every minute. Not only are the stats of the quiz and quiz session impressive, but more than 54% of our acquisition is driven through our social media channels, which have seen similar success. myBird's Facebook page has over 100k bird-loving fans, with an engagement rate of .24% and our Instagram account has over 6k followers and an engagement rate of 9%. Our goal for developing this database was to increase interest in bird ownership and with more than 31,000 people a month taking the quiz, we believe we have done just that. Not only have we put the possibility of bird ownership in front of thousands, but also supplied them with the necessary resources to then make the actual logistics of adding a bird in one's home as simple and convenient as possible. We've taken an exceptionally difficult goal of growing bird ownership and used that to create a fun, engaging, successful campaign surrounding our beautifully branded and responsive website and quiz.


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Subplex, The Impetus Agency, BEAK


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