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National Youth Day

Bronze Distinction in Poverty & Hunger

About this entry

Our goal for this campaign is to show real kids doing real things and truly show them our gratitude for all their passion, commitment and hard work. As this day grows larger next year or new partners join the day we want this goal to stay at the core of the day. Overall our measurement for success for this first day was reach, impressions and engagement through our social channels.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Many other countries have a National Youth Day to recognize the contribution youth have in addressing community challenges and after realizing there isn't a day set aside here in the US, No Kid Hungry and Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation decided to take the lead and team up to plant the flag for a National Youth Day here in the US. No Kid Hungry and Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation also know that there are so many other organizations, like GenerationON, Youth Service America and National FFA to name a few, that rally young people to volunteer and get involved in their communities through days of service, like Youth Service America's Global Youth Service Day or city-wide volunteer days. National Youth Day is a complement to these days of service and a platform to celebrate the youth in our collective reach. It's an opportunity for these organizations to encourage the young leaders to highlight their projects as a part of National Youth Day and our opportunity as the organizations that support these young leaders to amplify and celebrate their contributions. It's also an opportunity for our communities to see the power young leaders have in their communities. .

In our first year, No Kid Hungry and Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation focused on lifting up youth who are addressing the critical issue of child hunger here in America and we celebrated their impact by sharing their projects, stories, and encouraging youth to share what they are doing to end child hunger in their communities by posting a #NationalYouthDay photo, video, FB live on social media tagging @GenerationNKH.

What made this work unique is how so many organizations, young leaders, celebrity supporters joined forces on one day to post, host lives, and highlight resources through a twitter chat for a collective reach of 2,903,503 and 22,974,039 impressions. This day is about shining a light on the real kids doing work day in and day out to address the issue that 1 in 6 children face hunger.

We hope to continue to build this day pulling in new partners/industries to celebrate young people, doing real things to solve the problems our country faces.


22,974,039 impressions, 2,903,503 reach, 8.8K total views for Facebook Live in our top audience (women 13-17), 1,843 total engagements in #NationalYouthDay twitter chat (1 hour) and engagement was consistently high throughout the day, as we celebrate youth advocates with their friends, family and supporters. Despite sending out many more broadcast tweets (updates) than average, we spent 78% of our time engaged in conversation with our supports, both existing supporters and new individuals.

#NationalYouthDay posts saw higher organic reach also than all other content, except #WorldEmojiDay and @NationalPBLoversDay - both established hashtag holidays (in comparison to our own engagement)! Our top engaged @GenerationNKH supporters turned out, on message and offered their full support by sharing their own #NationalYouthDay stories, highlighting young leaders in their network and provided an opportunity for current and new partner organizations to get involved.

Celebrities and influencers shared their strength by sharing and celebrating young leaders stories and shouting them out on social media. Influencers like Jeff Bridges, Ivor Paponjak, Madison Hu, Governor Steve Bullock.

Prominent organizations and causes picked up #NationalYouthDay, and even though we celebrated different causes, they held true to the intent of youth day: centering around the work of young people making a difference in the world.


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