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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

My Last Days Season 2

Finalist in Television

About this entry

MY LAST DAYS, an uplifting documentary series about life as told by courageous people living with a terminal illness, and thriving throughout the process. The objective of the show is to give a voice to individuals who are normally forgotten and judged for their illnesses and also to remind viewers around the world that life is precious and should be cherished every minute of every single day. In the season two opener, entitled Meet Claire, audiences are introduced to Claire Wineland an impassioned activist and content creator who wants everyone to know that just because she’s sick doesn’t mean her life isn’t beautiful.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our strategy for sharing such sensitive stories about individuals navigating terminal illnesses is two pronged: create a safe space for the sharing of vulnerability coupled with artistic interpretations of trauma and pain in a way that mainstream audiences can relate with. This means that our set had to be free of any negativity and ego— all crew members were vetted and educated on how to connect with our cast members and their families in a way that made them feel comfortable. After all, the cast members and their families are going through significant pain and giving us their greatest asset, time. Some of the individuals on the show only had weeks or months to live and the prospect of spending five days with strangers shooting a series, means that those are five days they can’t dedicate to their recovery or treatment. I believe what makes our team’s work unique is that first and foremost we don’t exploit the cast members of our show. There are quite a few producers and production companies out there who manipulate and force documentary subjects into situations, this is not the case with Wayfarer. We are here to honor the subjects of our show and create the space for the cast members and their families to feel empowered, have emotional breakthroughs, let go of past traumas, and experience joy— this is the magic of My Last Days. I believe it’s the reason why our episodes have such organic virility across multiple platforms online.


Season 2 of My Last Days resulted in 25 million organic views, 17k comments, 162k likes, and 113k shares between Facebook and Youtube. We also received thousands upon thousands of messages from fans around the world sharing how the episodes positively impacted their lives.


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Wayfarer Entertainment, The CW Network


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