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Fractured Truth Facebook Campaign

Finalist in Health & Fitness


The objectives of the Fractured Truth campaign were to generate awareness of postmenopausal osteoporosis and educate women about the connection between osteoporosis and fracture, the likelihood of re-fracture, the urgency to treat, and the differences between current treatment categories.

Our target audience was postmenopausal women who had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, and particularly those who may have experienced a fracture. It was important to reach women in a younger age range, because many believe that osteoporosis won't affect them until their 70s or 80s. But the truth is, osteoporosis can affect younger women in their 50s.

Strategy and Execution

One of the key challenges we observed is that many women do not connect their fracture to osteoporosis. They are in denial, attribute their mishaps to clumsiness, or dissociate themselves from their fracture incident. Many women also believe that osteoporosis is an "old lady" disease—something they don't need to worry about yet.

Our challenge was two-fold. First, how could we find a way to inform women and break through outdated beliefs? Second, how could we tackle a broad array of concerns and misconceptions in a single, targeted campaign? Fractured Truth, and our mix of heavy content syndication through social media and targeted media channels, did just that.

We homed in on key behaviors that make women more likely to be proactive in their disease: being health-focused, fitness-focused, and/or a trendsetter. This audience informed our channel mix, reaching them where they are: magazines that indexed well, programmatic digital ads, Facebook, and hyper-targeted channels like gyms and streaming radio.

Fractured Truth took iconic, everyday objects that represent some of the key misconceptions women have about osteoporosis—and literally fractured them. Each message was designed in such a way that the main headline is true, but not entirely true. For our target audience, it's a Fractured Truth. The creative was purposely bold, provocative, even shocking—because we knew we had to break through the complacency women experience surrounding this disease.


- Our Facebook page was a hit, with over 15,000 page likes.

- Our first post was shared over 800 times and received almost 6,000 likes.

- Within 6 months of launching, Fractured Truth became one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical pages on Facebook in 2017.

- It also rapidly outperformed 5 of the top osteoporosis pages on Facebook in terms of audience and engagement in 2017.

- A recent post received over 8,000 reactions and was shared almost 5,000 times.

- To date, the campaign has been seen by over 157 million people, reaching postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and their friends and families.


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Patients & Purpose, Radius Health, W2O


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