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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Good Media Group/CW Valor Campaign

Finalist in Veteran & Service Support


Good Media Group (GMG) is a mission-driven, global media company. We believe in the power of a well-told story to change minds and change the world. Not only have we pioneered social-purpose media, but we have been able to use our ability to tell powerful, empathetic stories, combined with a data-driven approach, to build the largest concentrated audience of educated, affluent millennials who give a damn. We know the difference between the video that gets 10,000 views and 10 million — and the difference between getting lost in the noise and getting people to react and engage.

In an era of unprecedented political division, GMG has become an expert in amplifying bold actions for courage, compassion, and progress regardless of political party. That's why in the fall of 2017 The CW chose GMG to be its exclusive partner in the launching their new show, "Valor." Their objective was to drive tune-in by tapping into people's hearts and minds. As the preeminent media organization in helping brands communicate with values-driven millennial and Gen Z consumers, GMG did just that.

Strategy and Execution

Through GMG's experience combining powerful storytelling and data, we've become experts in producing content that not only is seen millions of times, but also leaves a lasting, meaningful impression on our audience. So rather than producing videos that directly referred to the television show, we highlighted real-world examples of vets that best exemplified our shared American values.

The five-part series, which consisted of two original videos, featured inspiring stories of veterans who took their experiences serving in the military and channelled them back into service-related works upon returning home. From a former Navy pilot who brought peace to incarcerated individuals by teaching yoga, to two PTSD-stricken soldiers who found a shared sense of purpose in starting a business that directly helps Afghani spice farmers, GMG's campaign drove attention to "Valor" by connecting audiences to the values at the heart of the show before weaving in tune-in information. For each story, The CW identified compelling veterans to profile, and GMG expertly crafted them into the heartfelt, compelling, and, most importantly, shareable kinds of stories they crave.

Using a data-driven proprietary testing and analysis method, we optimized each video for maximum social performance, testing and editing each piece iteratively based on real audience performance data before distributing on our channels. Based on this approach, GMG effectively created a multi-platform branded content campaign that elevated awareness and inspired empathy for the lives of veterans while reaching millions of people.


At its core, the "Valor" campaign is built around a fundamental shift in the way consumers are interacting with brands. More than ever before, brands are being asked not only to offer compelling products or services, like a great show, but also to get off the sidelines and show consumers what they value. The "Valor" campaign did just that.

Working together, The CW and GMG turned compelling stories into true viral successes. While most branded content won't reach millions of viewers organically, the CW saw a total of 3 million video views and 30K pageviews; 5x better than our average for sponsored video. And not only did The CW and GMG attract a massive audience through the videos, they did so while amplifying the national conversation around veterans in a way that brought people together, instead of driving them further apart, with the campaign generating more than 44K comments, reactions, and shares on social media.

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Good Media Group, The CW

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