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Bevel PR

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Bevel is committed to bringing diversity and inclusion to the finance and tech spheres. Founded by Jessica Schaefer, Bevel is the only female-led, fintech-focused public relations firm to date. Bevel is driven by relationships, transparency and reputation, bringing together major players in the fintech industry and aiding in their efforts to change the world through their technology. Bevel strives to be the go-to communications firm for fintech because we understand how strategy and connections lead to a greater community for financial inclusion. This reach not only builds our clients reputations, but brings to light their ideas and innovations. We work with companies that are changing the game for women, emerging markets, and financial technology because we see the power these companies hold for the under-represented and the under-served.

Strategy and Execution

We are unbound by tradition yet rooted in the fundamentals. By helping to align financial communications with business objectives, we develop a message that is unique to each firm that will penetrate the global markets and connect our clients with varied stakeholders. Bevel acts as a counselor – the beveled edge that brings together two groups essential to success in the financial industry. At Bevel, we use our extensive media relationships to build brands and tell stories that impact the global markets.

Our work matters. Our clients are the biggest proponents for social good in fintech, venture capital and blockchain. Acorns, leading micro-investing app for 100+ million Americans, provides a platform to educate millions of Americans who struggle to earn, save and invest on a daily basis. In less than a year, we've grown their user base from 1.5M to 4M all through word of month, i.e. positive press. We're now working with them to create the first "good bank," a bank that helps ordinary Americans build a financially secure future. Acorns was one of our first clients--we believed in their vision from the beginning and have worked to make it a reality.

BitPesa and Quona Capital, Accion's social impact fund, are working to foster and grow businesses in emerging markets. Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO and founder of BitPesa, is paving the way for women in blockchain and cryptocurrency. She created a blockchain payments platform that aids in the production and payment for businesses in Africa. Quona Capital is a firm managed by Co-Founder Monica Brand Engle. Monica and her team focus on building financial technology for inclusion, especially in the emerging markets of Africa, South America, and Asia.

We believe our clients are changing the world for the better, and with our help their voices are heard. Prior to founding Bevel, Jessica Schaefer served as Steven A. Cohen's right-hand as Vice President of External Affairs for Point72. She handled marketing and communications for its venture-capital arm, Point72 Ventures, and its portfolio companies. In this role, she saw the need for a new-age PR firm that focused on transparency, diversity and relationship building above all. The "Bevel model" is different from the traditional model of PR.


Over the past four months, we've signed six new clients, including Mammoth, Rally Road, Blocktower Capital, Dirty Lemon, Area 1 Security and TradeWinds. We now have a roster of over 20 clients and growing--we've exceeded our own expectations. We've doubled our team from four to eight employees and opened a new office in Los Angeles, under the supervision of Bevel's CEO, Jessica Schaefer. In working with Acorns, leading micro-investing app, we've secured over 300 placements for the firm, and five major profile stories on the CEO, Noah Kerner. We facilitated Acorns' first partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization focused on planting trees around the world. Acorns' COO, Manning Field, was recently appointed as a committee advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In working with BitPesa, the largest digital and foreign exchange platform for frontier markets, we've secured over 20 placements for the firm and CEO, Elizabeth Rossiello. Finally, in working with Quona, leading venture firm specializing in emerging markets, we've secured several speaking opportunities for Monica Engel, founder and CEO, including Money2020. Quona has invested in AllLife, an insurtech company for people with chronic diseases, Shubham, an Indian company that promotes housing and home improvement finance, and Tiaxa, a Chilean company that specializes in data writing for mobile financial services.


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