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Special Project

Special Project
From the 2nd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


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Today, cooking seems harder than ever. More and more people in America are too intimidated to cook dinner at home, because cooking is never just cooking. It's shopping, planning, with work days as long as lines at the grocery store and the pressure to nourish the family and wow social media all on one plate. At HelloFresh, we want to save home cooking. We deliver delicious recipes you'll love to cook and all the ingredients that go with it to your door. We also want to bring the fun of cooking back into the kitchen and encourage people to cook at home more. We launched a bi-monthly cook-along series on Facebook Live with five main objectives:

Strategy and Execution

After researching the reasons why people tend not to cook, we discovered that people often think they lack the time. In fact, what they really they lack is the energy. We needed to showcase the fun of cooking to fight this inertia by reaching our audience where it spends on average 50 minutes of their day: social media. As a result, we created engaging content to bring the joy of cooking back to life through a series of energizing live videos hosted by our Registered Dietitian, Rebecca.

Our strategy included:


After ten months of filming and 21 live videos shot, we successfully achieved our goal of demystifying cooking and energizing our audience in the kitchen. We saw:

  • 2.2 M people reached
  • 346,000 video views total
  • 400 average engagements on each video
  • 219 tips and techniques shared on screen and in the comments
  • 100 unique ingredients used
  • 740 positive recipe testimonials posted in the comments
  • 60 customers mentioned their kids or husbands are now involved in the cooking
  • 32 customers thanked HelloFresh for empowering them to cook
  • 30 glasses of wine enjoyed while cooking & filming
  • 250 new customers
  • Customers who watched purchase on average 30% more on our website
  • 0 meals burnt on camera

The live cook-along series created direct connections between our brand and our customers around a theme everyone relates to: delicious, simple, homemade food. We moved customers out of their comfort zone by introducing new techniques and ingredients they can use for a lifetime. We also created bonds within the community, as people answered, helped, and congratulated each other in the comments. Our audience proudly shared their meals with the community, advocating for the HelloFresh experience among non-customers. As a result, a significant number of loyal new-customers joined the #FreshFam after watching. The success of this initiative for over a year is definitely driving the team to continue the series – for an indefinite period of time.



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