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The widely publicized privacy infractions, data mining, false news, and targeted advertising/content scams of the existing social media companies have opened a huge opportunity.

MeWe is the next-gen social network, private chat, and group sharing app that solves the privacy problem. MeWe has No Ads. No Targeted Content or Fake News. No Tracking. No Algorithms. No BS. We never sell or share member data. MeWe is designed to have an outstanding revenue model, serving and respecting its members as the customers they are, not products/data to sell.

For consumers, MeWe is positioned to be the fresh start for people wanting to share their real lives and are exhausted by the incessant targeting, fake news, and privacy infractions of Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. MeWe already has nearly 1,300,000 total members with no marketing.

For companies, MeWePRO is the next-gen enterprise collaboration software with the best chat, the best security, and the best collaboration. MeWe Advisor Raj Sisodia (founder of the "Conscious Capitalism" movement) introduces MeWePRO this way: "I am on the advisory board of a conscious capitalist company called MeWe. They have developed a collaboration tool called MeWePRO for organizations that by all accounts is far better than existing offerings such as Slack."

Why does this entry deserve to win?

A few years ago when Mark Zuckerberg declared, "privacy is a social norm of the past," that comment angered MeWe Founder, Mark Weinstein, greatly. It sparked him to create the Sgrouples beta project, hiring an engineering team to design and build the world's first social network with privacy-by- design for its members. The 3-year beta project served as the testing platform for the launch of MeWe for consumers and its subsidiary division, MeWePRO for enterprise collaboration.

MeWe has No Ads. No Tracking. No Algorithms. No BS. MeWe has an outstanding revenue model, serving and respecting its members. MeWe is offered in 7 languages (English, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and German) and is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

MeWe has next-gen, cutting-edge features millennials love including a unique custom camera with filters, disappearing pics & video, next-gen voice messaging, secret chat with encryption, personal social cloud, multiple/custom group profiles, private and open groups, industry-leading GIF and meme generator, 1,800+ emojis, custom emojis, voice and video messaging, and more.

MeWePRO is the next-gen enterprise collaboration software with the best chat, the best security, and the best collaboration. MeWePRO is designed to have the best, class leading user interface, features, and user experience. It is positioned to be better than Slack, Microsoft Teams or Facebook Workplace, and dramatically superior to 1st generation enterprise services like Yammer or Basecamp.

MeWePRO is unprecedented in its security engineering and team credentials, with the power of its Advisory Board to back it up. Only PRO can stand on the security street creds of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Phil Rogaway, and Jon Callas.


MeWe made its official launch during SXSW 2016 (South by Southwest), and was honored as the 2016 Start-Up of the Year "Finalist" at SXSW for "Innovative World Technology."

In October 2016, MeWe was named one of the "Best Entrepreneurial Companies In America" by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In January 2017, MeWe was picked as a "company to watch" in the 2017 FTI Tech Trends Report

MeWe already has nearly 1,300,000 total members with no marketing. World-renowned thought leaders proudly serve on MeWe's Advisory Board, including the founder of Conscious Capitalism (Raj Sisodia); the inventor of the World Wide Web, (Sir Tim Berners-Lee); and many others.

MeWe Founder (Mark Weinstein) is one of the inventors of social media and is ranked as one of the "Top 8 Minds in Online Privacy." The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada has named Mark "Privacy by Design Ambassador." Mark has written about privacy and the social media industry in many well-known publications including HuffPo, USA Today, and the Daily Mirror (UK). He has been interviewed on many media outlets, including FORBES, CNN International, Fox News, and ABC. Mark is often a featured keynote speaker and expert social media/privacy panelist at conferences worldwide.


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