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Social Good by Mashable

Finalist in News & Media


Mashable's Social Good channel provides news and resources on impact, activism, identities, and innovation. It's a driving force behind the Social Good Summit, bringing together leaders, activists, celebrities, and citizens to discuss solutions to the world's biggest problems. From its "How to Help" and "Ask the Activists" series to reporting on human rights, mental health, LGBTQ advocacy, racial justice, and more, the team informs and inspires readers to make a difference. You'll find engaging global stories: California teens inventing a solar-powered tent for the homeless; a school in India training human trafficking survivors to be lawyers; the woman behind Sesame's first autistic Muppet; a life-saving "Uber for pregnant women" in Tanzania; and Afghanistan's first female tech CEO empowering girls worldwide. Mashable Social Good recently strengthened coverage at the intersection of mental health and pop culture. 13 Reasons Why proved good intentions aren't enough when portraying suicide. Lady Gaga introduced "mental health first aid" at her tour. The deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington prompted important discussions. Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the team increased coverage of resistance and organizing: the virtual Women's March for people with disabilities; Native Nations Rise; young scientists who became activists; how to #ProtectTransKids; the most powerful meme of the resistance; and unforgettable activist moments throughout Trump's first 100 days.The section amplifies voices of marginalized communities, and tells stories that need to be told. Instead of a mission statement, Mashable Social Good has a "mission question": How can we change the world?

Strategy and Execution

The Mashable Social Good team is small but scrappy, enacting the company's dedication to social good through quality journalism.

Since 2015, Mashable has named an editor to lead Social Good coverage and strategy, expanded the team of writers, and strengthened its roster of diverse freelance voices. Social Good stories don't simply point out inequality; they highlight people and ideas working to change it.

Stories cater to what the Mashable audience already cares about, but also provide what readers aren't getting elsewhere — a critical eye; nuance and value added to conversations; emphasis on intersectionality; communities controlling their own narratives; and tangible steps to create change. The Social Good team believes challenging its audience is as important as capturing their attention.

The social strategy falls in line with Mashable's social media and audience development teams, distributing shareable and informative content via the latest platforms.

And Mashable brings its dedication to social good offscreen, hosting events with the United Nations Foundation, UNDP, and 92Y that gather people across industries and from various experiences to discuss the future. The Social Good Summit is a direct response to traditionally closed-door talks during the United Nations General Assembly, providing an alternative, public forum to talk about global issues with the people who are most affected, and therefore know the best ways to help.

Other events, such as +SocialGood UK and Earth to Paris, have followed the same strategy, with the ultimate goal of democratizing these conversations and encouraging the wider Mashable audience to take action.


The Mashable Social Good audience is large and growing, with increased recognition as a leader in the social impact news space. Social Good is among Mashable's most shared and highest performing content areas (it reached its highest-ever peak of traffic in 2017), contributing to the site's 70 million monthly unique visitors.

The company overall has a big social following — more than 43 million followers across platforms — through which Social Good content is shared and distributed. Mashable Social Good, specifically, has seen a steady increase in followers, engagement, and reach across its own social channels over the past year.

The 2016 Social Good Summit was the most successful event in its eight-year history, with 1.8 billion social impressions, 1,800 live attendees, 150 speakers, and meetups in 100+ countries around the world.


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