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Bustle's "The Bodcast"

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While "Body Positivity" has become a popular buzzword among brands and publishers, it has been a core part of Bustle's values and mission since launching in 2013. Bustle has led the way with features such as "A Body Project," a body positive photo series with renowned photographer Substantia Jones ( and our commitment to shooting original stock images which accompany many of our editorial pieces. (

In light of the election, Bustle decided to change the typical conversation being had around the Body Pos movement, which can often feel like a repetitive loop. Bustle pushed the conversation forward beyond size, choosing to shed light on unconventional narratives of people living in varied bodies. The discussions are not just about how people relate to their bodies, but how their bodies challenge American society and how our society challenges those bodies in turn. Many millennials continue to worry about what President Trump and the GOP's conservative policies could mean for their reproductive rights, ability to cross borders, and expression of gender identity. Season 2 of Bustle's "The Bodcast" tackles these issues head on. Hosted by Bustle's Fashion & Beauty Editor Amanda Richards, guests address what it's like to live in a marginalized body in America in 2017 and how that relates to their own and societies views of body positivity.

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Season 2 of "The Bodcast" addressed the feelings of uncertainty and fear that have plagued many throughout 2017. It touched on important themes including abortion, immigration, and gender identity all through the lens of those in marginalized bodies. Amanda spoke with a young trans teenager bringing change to his school in Massachusetts, revealing the unique challenges of living in a body that is not necessarily like his classmates. She's explored abortion through three very different perspectives: someone who performs abortion, someone who helps people get them, and someone who's actually had one. Other compelling guests included a young Syrian woman from north of Damascus who was forced to leave her home country in 2012 and a former immigration officer who detailed how complicated the refugee and immigrant vetting process actually is.

In the most recent episode, Amanda has a conversation with Ally Bruener, a comic with congenital muscular dystrophy who is confined to a wheelchair, and can't live independently. She's become a part of her local comedy scene in Kentucky — unfortunately, her access to home health aide, in the wake of changes to Medicaid, could threaten her ability to perform.


Through "The Bodcast" Bustle has been able to highlight critical and often unconventional narratives that impact the most marginalized bodies in society. Much thought and sensitivity goes into selecting which topics to focus on and securing impactful guests. Viewers have responded to the podcast because it's incredibly relevant and has helped generate awareness and elevate the voices of those who don't fit in with societal norms. "The Bodcast" brings human stories and emotions to important matters. The podcast encourages unity and lively discussions well after the episode ends.


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