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From the 6th Annual Shorty Impact Awards


Finalist in Education & Community

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In the Fall of 2020, the Save The Music team undertook a campaign to uplift the importance of music education in the lives of artists, advocates, and youth across the country. With more than 5 million young people lacking access to music education in their classrooms, this campaign went viral and highlighted the importance of ensuring that young people have access to the necessary cultural and creative outlet that music classrooms bring.

Across the country, music education budgets are being cut. Quite often, this is happening in communities that are predominately Black and Brown, despite the billion-dollar industry that has been built around American music. Numerous studies have shown that music education leads to healthier social environments for young people, and supports positive mental health outcomes as well. This campaign highlighted the importance of music education during a time of crisis for the country, and helped push for advocacy across the field in order to ensure music education continues in the country.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The Save The Music team worked with members of the Music Advisory Board to identify and invite key influencers to submit featured stories about their work in music education. This includes representatives from Facebook, Amazon, Apple Music, and more.

The organization also worked with its Music Education Advisory board to extend invitations to key thought leaders and advocates about the importance of music education.

Staff at Tik Tok played a key role in the roll out of this campaign, and supported by amplifying the hashtag #musicsaves during the course of the campaign. 



The campaign was a great success, overall, in amplifying the need for greater support towards music education during a critical time for young people in the country. Forbes and Yahoo News covered the campaign, and we garnered over 100 million views within just the first few days. This work helped highlight the necessary support towards creatives, and helped foster deeper engagement with the brand through donations towards school music programs throughout the US.

Via Forbes: A new campaign from Save The Music is helping tens of millions of American teenagers continue to find comfort, and a future, in music in all new ways.

The new #MusicSaves campaign from the Save The Music Foundation has spread virally on TikTok, earning more than 174.3 million cumulative views through crowdsourced contributions from thousands of music-loving creators. TikTok boasts more than 800 million users worldwide, including an estimated 80 million in the U.S.

Hashtags are categorized a bit differently on TikTok than they are on other platforms; a search for #MusicSaves reveals a curated feed with a description from Save The Music:

“Whether it’s changing lives, or just brightening your day, #MusicSaves,” the passage reads. “So show us how music changed your life, and support Save The Music, an organization dedicated to supporting music education in schools across the country. Learn more by visiting


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Save The Music