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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

The #RefreshinglyHonest Project

Entered in Food & Beverage


HONEST TEA SPARKS COMMUNITY-BUILDING MOVEMENT BY ASKING PEOPLE TO BE #REFRESHINGLYHONEST: On National Honesty Day (4/30), Honest Tea announced the launch of its #RefreshinglyHonest Project, a summer-long campaign inviting people to share their #RefreshinglyHonest thoughts with friends, family and their social networks. Building on the insight that there are many things we all honestly feel and do but seldom say, the campaign aims to create connection and community by sharing the less-than-perfect but common moments that make up our daily lives.

Strategy and Execution

Phase 1 (National Honesty Day)

•Kick off with the first video from a summer-long documentary series showing real people taking a step toward being #RefreshinglyHonest in their personal lives.

•Release of a series of shareable Honesty Cards that tell commonly-held #RefreshinglyHonest sentiments for consumers to share on social media.

•Launch social media partnerships with top mom influencers/millennial influencers to share their own #RefreshinglyHonest moments on Instagram and Snapchat about parenting, make up, and life. Influencers include: Trista Sutter (Bachelorette), Lauren Bushnell (Bachelorette), Joy Cho (Oh Joy), Ilana Wiles (Mommy Shorts), Branden Harvey, and more!

•Launch Buzzfeed partnership with original content.

Phase 2 (National Iced Tea Day)

•Kick-off the sweepstakes encouraging consumers to share their own #RefreshinglyHonest thoughts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be entered to win an all-expense paid trip to one of our nation's most honest cities, as determined by Honest Tea's 2016 National Honesty Index.

•Send #RefreshinglyHonest mailers to homegrown ambassadors and custom Snapchat filters to activate earned media.

Phase 3 (National Honesty Index)

•Conclude with the announcement of National Honesty Index results (naming the top most honest cities in the US) and of the winning sweepstakes entry that will be going on the trip.

•Continue Buzzfeed partnership with original video content.


Social Impressions YTD: 58,209,019

Documentary Views (Gabrielle and the Ice Cream Cone): 1,302,145

•937,393 Facebook

•362,993 YouTube

•27% average completion rate

•19% on full-length

•35% on :60

Documentary Views (Colleen and the chicken): 2,069,281

•1.92M+ views on Facebook

•980 views on Instagram

•31% completion rate

Influencer Impressions: 5,200,000

#RefreshinglyHonest Hashtag Uses: 7,008

Sweepstakes Entries: 8,797

Honesty Card Shares: 14,389

OVERALL Social Platform Growth: 15.6% growth vs. YA


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Honest Tea


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