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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in Entertainment

About this entry

We believe the majority of content and media for young audiences influences them greatly, but not well. We believe kids and teens are dealing with very real and complicated issues that need to be shared and discussed. We believe these generations of "digital lifers" need content that supports them, connects them, and inspires and challenges them to rise to the occasion of the stories that will make up their lives.

Our mission is to create a media platform that empowers and entertains young people through their own narratives and shared experiences, to encourage them to be creators as well as commentators, and to bring light to themselves and to each other.

We set out to help kids not feel so alone in the world and give them a voice. That's who we are. That's what we do.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Created Entertainment set out to develop a platform that is designed to connect with an audience on an authentic and emotional level, and produce content that is meaningful and will make an impact on kids and teens lives.

storybooth collects real stories from young people recorded in their own words, brings them to life in animated shorts and distributes them on our YouTube channel, website, and mobile app.

All storybooth animations are:

–our audiences are our storytellers. Stories are recorded and submitted on our platform and selected stories are animated and shared
–our storytellers are also influential YouTube personalities who want to make a difference through sharing a personal story about themselves that will inspire others

Authentic and Organic
–audio submissions are edited as recorded; real voices telling true stories
–stories are un-guided and non-prompted, inspired only by the experiences of the young people telling them
–all of storybooth's growth has been organically generated, none of it bought

Relatable, Entertaining, Engaging, and Inspiring
–stories range from funny and ridiculous, to tragic and triumphant, connecting organic shared experiences.
–stories illicit laughter, loathing, compassion, sympathy, connection, passion, and a sense of belonging
–the animated story of one inspires the submitted stories of many

Relevant and Present
–submissions guide subject matter - relevance is extremely high
–videos consistently appear on first page of topical searches
–majority of new audience comes via YouTube recommended videos

Short, Easy, Mobile
–our videos are always three-minutes or less
–story submission is one-click in-app
–entire experience is optimized for mobile

Never Stale, Evergreen
–everybody has a story and every story is unique
–each video is fresh, new, and different and audience engagement with each video, all the time, is evergreen

Because storybooth has captured the above key ingredients for engaging the audience, and has such a strong and authentic voice, we have enabled a marketing strategy centered on collaboration and co-distribution with rising and established YouTuber personalities. We have seven YouTuber stories released and five in production, and continue to attract larger and more established YouTube personalities to tell stories for new storybooth episodes – a free perpetual marketing and audience acquisition engine. This strategy has allowed us to draw the right audience in the right way.


Goals and results:

1.) Would our platform make a difference in kids lives?

Yes. Kids are submitting their true stories, and engaging in those we publish - engagement level on comments is extremely high - with kids offering each other support, or thank you's for inspiring me, if I didn't see this story, I would not go on.

2.) Would kids submit stories through the platform and would they be production-worthy?

Yes and Yes. In the last 120 days we have received over 5,000 kid-told stories for consideration, and kids are telling meaningful, powerful, funny, and authentic stories - there is no shortage of perfect stories for animation, waiting for production.

3.) Would YouTubers collaborate with storybooth, in the true sense of the word - without compensation - to showcase their own stories, co-distribute, and drive their audiences to the storybooth platform?

Yes. We have seven YouTuber stories released and five in production, and continue to attract larger and more established YouTube personalities to tell stories for new storybooth episodes – a free perpetual marketing and audience acquisition engine. We are currently now in discussion with over 30 established YouTubers with reach over 30 Million combined subscribers.

4.) Would traffic and views and engagement grow, organically, toward scale?

Yes. storybooth videos have been viewed over 6 Million times in the last 120 days. Over the last 120 days storybooth increased subscribers by 400%, and grew "likes" and comments by 800%. Week over week growth rates continue to increase.


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