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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

WomanOn by Pfizer

Finalist in Health & Fitness


WomanOn is a truly innovative approach to social media and digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the limitations of more traditional channels, this unbranded ecosystem was designed to empower women with accurate, relevant information about menopause. The key objectives of WomanOn are to educate the audience about menopause, activate women to discuss menopause with their healthcare provider, and promote the active consideration of prescription hormone therapy as a treatment option for hot flashes due to menopause.

Strategy and Execution

The average woman in the United States lives a third of her life after menopause, but the rite of passage can be shrouded in mystery, stigma around aging, and potential misinformation and myths. Because of this, it's not always an easy subject for women to discuss.

WomanOn aims to start a positive, candid, and educated conversation about menopause by encouraging women to talk about their experience, ask questions about what's going on in their bodies, and discuss their symptoms and treatment options with healthcare providers, partners, and family members.

After research indicated that women over the age of 45 frequently sought information about menopause online, the WomanOn team developed a digital strategy to accomplish the program objectives. This ecosystem includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, a website hub, and a YouTube channel. Social media channels are used to engage the audience and expand the program's reach, while driving users to educational content on The website houses articles on topics that appeal to the demographic (including the stages of menopause, how to start a conversation with an HCP, and sex after menopause), a tool to find a menopause practitioner, and custom graphics, GIFs, and videos. The WomanOn ecosystem not only encourages women to talk to their healthcare provider about menopause, but also empowers them to share their personal experiences—from tips on managing symptoms, to insight about what's going on in the body, to support and inspiration for other women in the community. Through these tactics, WomanOn is uniquely positioned to help women embrace and navigate the menopausal journey.


The WomanOn program helps drive awareness that translates into action within the community. In just over a year, the WomanOn Facebook page became the largest menopause community in the US with 247,890 Facebook followers and there have been over 1 million visits to the website. All 2016 metrics have exceeded expectations, validating that WomanOn meets a need for education and support for women during their menopause journey. There's no right or wrong way to go through menopause, and at WomanOn we believe that through education, community, a positive attitude, and a sense of humor, women do not have to go through menopause alone — keep on, stay strong, and WomanOn.


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Pfizer, Twist Mtkg., Group SJR, Carat, Wunderman, Vynamic


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