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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Keen On Growing

Entered in Developing Nations


Turbana is a grower-owned banana company that works to transform lives in the banana and plantain growing regions of Colombia, with its social foundation, Fundauniban. Fundauniban strives to improve the quality of life by supporting social and economic projects for housing, education, infrastructure and environmental protection.
For every box of bananas shipped, a portion of the proceeds go to Fundauniban in order to support their efforts. Turbana partnered with THR33FOLD to create engaging social media initiatives that help educate people on how they make a difference by purchasing Turbana bananas.

Strategy and Execution

In our fast paced, coffee and selfie-obsessed times, people barely have time to catch a few z's, much less make a big difference in their community. Even though many would love to make a difference, people often feel that their contributions would be so insignificant, that they cease trying before they embark. This results in hundreds of thousands of voices left unheard, needs unmet and most of all, people left behind.

THR33FOLD and Turbana set out to change that by leveraging a social media plan with a cause hunt for the people, by the people. Hosted on Facebook, we built a killer app for "Win 25K For Your Cause" and crafted a Facebook and Twitter Strategy to launch the social initiative across North America, challenging and inspiring individuals to share their voices for causes that they cared about.

Within 6 weeks, over 80 communities across America came together in support of causes that they felt passionate about. With 422,062 social media interactions garnered over the course of the initiative, the integrated marketing campaign spread like wild fire among non-profits. In the end, one amazing community sang the loudest. Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, New York (KEEN), had over 6,745 votes from its New York Community.

Turbana, THR33FOLD and KEEN then teamed up to ideate, plan and create an urban gardening program for special needs children in NYC. The program bloomed in July 2015, encouraged KEEN athletes to experience nature in a concrete jungle. The KEEN initiative was supported through PR and a multi-channel social media campaign. The initiative sought out to raise awareness of the KEEN urban garden and Turbana's ongoing support for the Colombian people and the positive impact we all have when we purchase Turbana bananas.


As a result of Turbana's partnership with Fundauniban and local initiatives throughout the country, Turbana and THR33FOLD garnered 32,699,326 social media impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The efforts have also resulted in:

18.6M PR Impressions

66,350,219 Social Media Impressions
4,538,865 Times Seen = #KeenOnGrowing + #25KForYourCause

To date, Fundauniban has:

Created over 5,000 housing solutions
Supported 6,700 small businesses
Began a music program for children
Donated 1800 laptops to further education
Raised $250 million to its social foundation


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THR33FOLD, Turbana


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