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Special Project

Special Project
From the 1st Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Forsaken 4 Million Trailer Views

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Forsaken is directed by Jon Cassar starring Kiefer Sutherland, Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore, Michael Wincott and Brain Cox. Nominated for multiple awards including Canadian Screen Awards, Edinburgh International Film Festival etc., the movie achieved lot of positive reviews from critics including The Guardian, Star Pulse and Variety. Much before the release of the movie, Forsaken created a great interest on Social Media with Trailers and successful use of online competitions. We as advertisers, wanted to achieve a feat of getting 3 Million views on film's Trailer with driving much traffic to iTunes digital download as the movie was played in theaters for a short period. We created four specialized Ad. Campaigns all of which were directed to iTunes Download through a Call-to-Action. Ads were geo-targeted to USA & Canada in Ads and we used keywords like Western, Kiefer Sutherland and Movies while creating the Ads.

We had a budget of $15,000 from the client to achieve the feat of getting 3 Million views. Counting to $5,000 for each million which is a next to impossible task as by considering industry standards it will cost $0.01 per view which sizes up to $10,000 for achieving 1 Million views which while projected costs $30,000 to achieve 3 Million views. But with right targeting and great team efforts it took us less than the original budget of $15,000 to achieve close to 4 Million views.

The total ad spend was $13,325 with a result of 3,948,838 video views combining four Ads results.

Strategy and Execution

Instead of creating a single Ad, we created multiple ads starting with minimal budgets focusing on the same goal and kept on adding up to the budget as we proceed by calculating the CPC and Cost per video views. When we hit the lowest cost per view of $0.003 on one of the four ads, we started adding more budgets to that particular ad by also extending the ad closure date. We also dubbed the keywords and other specifications we used in the low costing ad to other ads and hit low cost per views on other Ads as well. Studying the numbers, following the Insights and acting accordingly paid off for us to achieve the desired results.


We have achieved the cost per view as low as $0.003 in three of the four Ads and $0.004 on the other Ad.

On the First Ad, the amount spent is $5,250 and has got a Reach of 2,463,742 and 1,623,642 Video views with a cost per video view of $0.003

On the Second Ad, the Ad amount spent is $3,750 and has got a Reach of 1,648,950 and 924,229 Video views with a cost per video view of $0.004

On the third Ad, the Ad spent is $3,575 which got a Reach of 2,601,431 and Video views counting to 1,131,095 with $0.003 CPV

On the Fourth Ad, the amount spent is $750 which acquired a Reach of 548,480 and 269,872 Video views with $0.003 CPV

By summing up all the Ads, We have achieved 3,948,838 video views with a Total spend of $13,325

Call-to-Action on the Trailers enabled the client to achieve 550,000 downloads on iTunes and 250,000 DVD purchases.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Mega World Media LLC, Forsaken - Minds Eye Entertainment