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“The Spark” Ignited by YouTube

Finalist in Music & Dance


In the vast landscape of music discovery, where countless voices vie for attention, standing out is a monumental task for promising artists. This was the precise obstacle that YouTube and Discover sought to tackle.


Our objective was to craft a fresh performance & storytelling series for emerging artists on YouTube, a premier platform for music discovery, that transcended mere showcases of up-and-coming talent. We sought to unearth the pivotal moments that ignited their musical passion and set them on their artistic path. Simultaneously, we aimed to seamlessly integrate the inaugural sponsor, Discover, into their journey.



YouTube has created a range of music-led initiatives that empower up-and-coming talent by giving them a platform and resources to help them thrive on YouTube, amass millions of fans, and become the next wave of hitmakers. For this next initiative by YouTube, we aimed to create a platform, a series, and a moment wherein a brand sponsor could help to launch forward an upcoming artist in a new and meaningful way to viewers that did more than just showcase new music, but also shared a relatable, engaging story behind each artist. 


Our answer, “THE SPARK,” checked all of these boxes and more. In this new content series, we unveil the transformative moment when emerging artists first recognized music as their life's calling. Whether it’s the hushed confines of a high school choir room, the vibrant energy of a hometown basketball court, or even the solitude of their bedroom sanctuary, we’re accompanying each artist as they return to the very source that ignited their creative flames with special performances and interview content. 


We launched in a big way with three breakthrough artists on top of their game - d4vd, Maddie Zahm & Flau’jae. Featuring exclusive performances for the artists’ YouTube channels, interviews by the people who inspired and supported their journey, and a platform to release new music, we established a format that would be equally exciting for these artists, their fans, and the brand. 


The first participating sponsor, Discover, was involved from the beginning to help choose artists whose genres and backgrounds aligned with their brand values. This collaboration set the stage for the artist to unleash their creativity in a way that effectively amplified both the artists’ and brand’s stories.



Between the reach of YouTube and the power generated by fans, the results were remarkable. YouTube galvanized music fans through digital-first content and immersive programming - bringing them closer to their favorite artists and their spark experience. 


In collaborating with Discover, the artists successfully connected with their primary audience in an authentic and impactful manner. Their approach sparked a wave of positivity that resonated strongly across YouTube and multiple social media platforms. 





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Anomaly Content & Entertainment, YouTube and Discover (Sponsor)


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