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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Wild Hope: Change is Closer Than You Think

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We are changing the narrative from despair to HOPE.

WILD HOPE is a new series of short films that highlights the intrepid changemakers who are restoring our wild places and showcase conservation success stories. The primary objective of Wild Hope is to spark new hope for the future of our planet and counter the narrative of doom and gloom. This objective reflects years of social science research that has shown narratives of doom lead to paralysis while hopeful narratives lead to action. So, inspiring conservation action is the program’s second objective.

Each half-hour episode inspires audiences with stories of bold interventions, unexpected alliances, and nature’s resilience. Whether tapping oysters to clean New York City waters and prevent flooding, or growing coffee to save Mozambican rainforests, the series reveals how local action can spark powerful change—and provides a refreshing dose of hope in an increasingly cynical world, while also addressing Wild Hope’s third objective, elevating the work of communities and other local organizations. 

If there is any “good news” about biodiversity loss, it is that loss occurs locally due to primarily local causes. And thus, the potential recovery of habitats and species is determined by local action – and it need not wait for geopolitics to yield global treaties. Moreover, biologists have learned from a variety of habitat restoration and species recovery efforts that, when given a chance, nature can be remarkably resilient and rebound dramatically.


Strategy and Execution

Wild Hope aims to change the narrative of doom and gloom and elicit hope in the face of biodiversity loss, inspire audiences to take action, and elevate the work of communities and organizations focused on restoring biodiversity. The latest social science research on “hope” shows in order to elicit this emotion, audiences should be able to 1) see a path to success despite hardships, and 2) feel that they have the ability to make changes that can lead to success.

Each full-length episode is produced with exceptional attention to craftsmanship and artistry, weaving the story of the featured humans and species who work together for a positive result, thus highlighting that success is possible and within reach. 

The episodes also focus on the power of all members of the community, from scientists to farmers and volunteers. These depictions help audiences feel a sense of agency and self-efficacy in themselves as they can see how possible it is to contribute and be a  part of the solution.  

To make sure that the content from each episode is accessible to younger and more diverse audiences, every episode is accompanied by short, beautifully produced social reels designed specifically for Instagram. The Instagram content also includes easy conservation calls-to-action associated with each episode to empower audiences for effective steps they can take now.

We work closely with carefully vetted organizations and partners who align with our mission and ultimately support this movement we call “Wild Hope.” These partnerships allow Wild Hope to amplify the work of other nonprofits and local communities and diversify the reach of Wild Hope's message. 

Our dedicated website is the hub that connects all episodes, calls to action, and fun, engaging ways to learn more for those who wish to go deeper.


Our overriding goals for the Wild Hope project are three-fold:

First, to help change the narrative from despair to hope by increasing awareness that  positive change is possible through local action. Wild Hope has been featuring dozens of stories with hopeful messages on multiple platforms. The fast growth of our platforms (e.g., a x% audience growth within the span of x months) and consistent engagement with our content, as well as the high attendances at our 50+ screening events, show the significant demand for such stories. To date (January xth, 2024) our x platform have reached up to x audiences. 

Second, to spotlight the people and organizations who are leading the way. To date, Wild Hope has highlighted more than xx organizations and communities through its episodes and social media initiatives. Featured organizations have used these materials for their advocacy work, and there has been a two-way stream of audiences to and from Wild Hope and partner organizations who have engaged in action; for example, xxx new audience members have been directed to SciStarter and taken part in citizen science projects.

And third, to inspire further action. We hope to build a movement – a community of supporters as well as active participants who seek ways to improve biodiversity in their own region. Wild Hope’s calls-to-action direct audiences to engage in different conservation actions, from making simple container pollinator gardens to donations for the “adopt an axolotl” initiatives.



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