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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

We Adopted An Orphanage

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Beast Philanthropy exists to leverage the power of social media to raise funds and help charitable causes around the world. Founded by MrBeast, with a combined channel following of 400 million+ followers.
We team up with charitable initaitives around the world and look to amplify their mission through advocacy. We create viral videos to champion their inspiring efforts, and often catalyse additional funding through our own investment, or donations recieved, as well as revenue generated from the content. Most of all we are raising awareness that extends their impact well beyond our contributions.
Through these videos, we aim to teach an entire generation to care a little bit more than the generations before them and to truly have an impact on the world through the actions that we inspire.

Strategy and Execution

Despite having saved over 5000 children's lives, the Baphumelele children's orphanage in South Africa was about to be closed. It was started by Mama Rosie when a baby was abandoned on her doorstep years ago. As hard as she worked trying to give these kids a new life, the children were about to lose the only family and home they’d ever known.
So the team pulled together and started on building twelve new homes with an ongoing supply of food, as well as a brand new playground. We finally surprised Mama Rosie with these additions to the video.

It was a difficult project. It was extensive work: asbestos remediation, plumbing, fireproofing, life safety, you know, a lot of making the environment safer, bringing it from dilapidated old buildings into a modern and safe space for the kids to live functional lives in. Another measure that brought challenge was that we had to do it while the kids were living in the orphanage, they are there because they have nowhere to go, so it meant while we would rebuild three or four houses we’d have to house the orphans in other facilities, and constantly be moving them around. Logistically it made the project difficult but we ensured that all of the kids always had a place to sleep.

In all, the project took us 8 months to do, and this also meant filming the build constantly, having crews there to capture the progress. Often our video’s look like we’ve come in and helped people over a short period of time, but most of our projects are in the works long in advance


We set out with the objective to drastically improve these orphans lives, so they could feel safe and secure in their new homes. We also wanted to help Mama Rosie in continuing to save the lives of children in South Africa to come. We not only completed these twelve new homes but also provided them with an ongoing supply of food and a new playground. However, our work doesn’t stop when our films do. Mama Rosie and the kids need all the help they can get. You can still support them by donating on our site! So far we’ve had over $100 000 donated. Not only that, but we also have merchandise that the kids themselves designed, and all profit from these sales goes to the orphanage.

‘We Adopted and Orphanage’ and ‘We Saved an Orphanage’ have over 50 Million views and raised a significant amount of support to helping the Baphumelele orphanage remain open. Sharing these stories is how we aim to teach an entire generation to care a little bit more than the generations before them, and to truly have an impact on the world through the actions that we inspire.


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