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Unique Travel Made of Fusion (Tripadvisor x Fuze)

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Fuze Tea is a bottled drink fused with a delicious blend of juice and tea extracts for a unique flavor experience.  They also facilitate experiences that inspire, empower, and encourage self-expression.

'Modern Explorers' - a young, dynamic and engaged group united by travel & zest for life - is primed to receive this lifestyle boost.

Travel restrictions had lifted & travel was booming, so the perfect opportunity came for Fuze Tea to bring their drink and travel audience together. 

Tripadvisor - the world’s largest travel platform with 463+ million monthly viewers - was the ideal partner to infuse life into Fuze’s ambition.

Their research shows 70% of their audience prioritizes seeing new places, and 66% wants to have new experiences.

The idea was to bring together Tripadvisor’s experience and expertise with Fuze Tea’s passion for fusion and experiences, making Modern Explorers see the world differently.

We’d leverage Fuze’s unrivaled product, Tripadvisor’s unparalleled influence, and our shared vision of blended experiences.  

We’d bring the world’s greatest travel opportunities to people via bottles of Fuze Tea.

If we could influence Modern Explorers to see Fuze and Tripadvisor as the conduit to fusion experiences, it’ll help Fuze stand out from competition. 

Knowing that the combination of ingredients is what makes an experience magical, our idea was to create new travel behaviors that ‘fuze’ together contrasting experiences.

So each experience in global cities was composed of differing elements to showcase transformational voyages, both at home or on-the-go, in places that made the biggest impact.



Our strategy was to turn Fuze Tea packaging into gateways to the world with transformative experiences. 

Together with Tripadvisor, the brand would open borders that people hadn’t previously considered - no matter where they were. 

It also became one of Tripadvisor’s first ever global marketing campaigns with a consumer product good.

It was done through a contest and promo, where each bottle of Fuze Tea gave people a chance to enter a competition to win all-inclusive trips to magical destinations globally.

We created 177 million branded bottles which were available in stores globally.  Each drink of course had the Tripadvisor logo front and center, showcasing our powerful collaboration.

Our 15 chosen markets were among the most desired within the Modern Explorers community: Italy, France, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Singapore, Bulgaria and Malaysia.

We took the 20 iconic locations within these countries and made them accessible to all through a custom-built hub on Tripadvisor’s website.

Each destination had its own fusion itinerary, written by a team of celebrated international writers and reviewed by bespoke local market teams.

From the man-made architectural marvels to natural wonders of Barcelona, to the 28 centuries of Roman history, incorporating its spooky history and even wine making, we uncovered the gems that, when brought together, created a magical travel experience.

And every itinerary showcased the best ingredients for an unmissable adventure at the locations, even giving people discount codes for booking experiences through the platform.

Each page was naturally translatable into the local language, making it as global as possible.


With all 177 million Fuze Tea x Tripadvisor bottles in circulation, we launched a holistic marketing campaign to bring our collaboration to life and spread the word of our fusion-inspired contest.

A hero co-branded TV spot launched our collaboration to the world, extolling the benefits of blending experiences for fulfilling travel. We guided people to scan bottles of Fuze Tea to enter a chance to win.

Subsequent TVCs focused on guiding people to win trips, including an all-inclusive trip abroad to one of the 5 selected destinations, one all-inclusive experience in the entrant’s country or origin, travel gift packs and redeem a 15% discount offer.

We even created destination-specific creative, including Rome, Singapore and Mexico, where we showcased the stunning views and culture, including how Tripadvisor and Fuze Tea’s collaboration could make that a reality.

Complementary radio, digital out-of-home and print ads drew millions of eyeballs to the ground-breaking creative.

Social media reinforced our message, showcasing the variety of destinations and the beauty each culture brings to people who visit there.

Everything linked back to the Fuze Tea bottles where people could scan the QR code to access the Tripadvisor x Fuze Tea campaign hub, containing our border-breaking content and unique holiday giveaways - all-inclusive trips, gift packs and discounts, or click through to visit the same destination page.

All data was captured during the registration process, creating a new bank of information to help both Tripadvisor and Fuze Tea benefit in the long-term.


We delivered a step change in Fuze Tea’s fortunes, thanks to our fusion of flavors and destinations.

We've reached over a million people globally to date, and the campaign is still running today.

Performance media alone, including on-site banners, carousel ads on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube ads, all leveraging Tripadvisor 1st party data, delivered more than 70 million impressions among a remarkable 801,000 unique content users - 350,000 of which were for France.

For some destinations, such as Rome, Italy, engagement with the call-to-action on our promotion page was as high as 39%.

In total, over 1.2 million people visited our content hub on Tripadvisor, contributing to an overall booking instease on Tripadvisor sites.

It turns out that fusion is very much at the heart of unique travel.


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