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With an unwavering focus on issues often silenced or marginalized, UNHEARD illuminates the interplay between historical legacies, systemic inequalities, and contemporary realities that shape the health outcomes of Black communities. By weaving together personal testimonies, expert insights, and socio-political analysis, the series not only informs but also inspires collective action towards dismantling inequities and fostering holistic well-being within Black communities. UNHEARD stands as a powerful testament to the resilience, strength, and dignity of Black Americans, while also serving as a catalyst for broader societal dialogue and transformation.



UNHEARD is a series that takes a closer look at the physical and mental well-being of Black Americans. Each episode gives viewers firsthand insight into the unique set of obstacles faced by a variety of Black Americans, due to their health conditions. By exploring both how these obstacles impact the Black community, as a whole, and why they continue to exist, we will be able to give voice to members of the Black community that would otherwise go unheard.

In the "Learning to Live with Fibroids" episode, we spoke with producer, DJ, and artist, Tamika Haywood about her journey with fibroids revealing and her shock at the eagerness of medical professionals to remove her reproductive system: 'I was immediately told a hysterectomy is necessary in this situation.’

In the "HIV & Life Beyond Diagnosis" episode, we spoke with HIV advocate Dimitri J. Moïse about their life with HIV, the limitations on resources available to him after learning his diagnosis and how they continue to advocate: “One of the important things for me was finding a provider who shared my experience.”


UNHEARD won the 2024 Anthem Silver Award Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and has resonated well with the audience we are intending to reach.

Feedback for the series is consistently positive, with many viewers compelled to share their experiences and well wishes for each episode’s subject.


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