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Special Project
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American Muslim Today - "Transforming the Narrative"

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American Muslim Today (AMT) is a pioneering non-religious/non-profit digital news and lifestyle media platform headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our overarching mission, "Transforming the Narrative," propels us to counter harmful stereotypes and generalizations about Muslims through inclusive public service journalism. Specifically, AMT strives to foster greater understanding between diverse ethnic and social groups, build interfaith alliances, and fundamentally shift perspectives in the wider community.

Our key goals include nurturing the next generation of Muslim journalists, promoting civic and political engagement among American Muslims, and advancing Muslim leadership within the broader community. Through grassroots community organization, AMT addresses critical public policy issues, notably gun violence, serving as the founding media partner for American Muslims for Gun Reform (AMGR). This groundbreaking initiative was launched in response to a surge in gun deaths within the Muslim community in Dallas, engaging with organizations like Brady, Texas Gun Sense, and the Gabby Giffords Foundation.

As the sole registered 501(c)(3) digital Muslim media platform of its kind in the U.S., AMT utilizes a daily news website, a weekly FM radio show, and a podcast to dismantle religious, racial, and gender discrimination. By upholding ethical, balanced, and professional journalistic standards, AMT empowers minority and emerging journalists, challenging implicit biases in mainstream media. AMT, led by founding Editor-in-Chief Rifat Malik, is committed to being a respected journal of record, amplifying authentic stories and fostering meaningful dialogue across diverse voices.

Strategy and Execution

American Muslim Today (AMT) serves as a vital voice in public service community journalism in the Dallas-Fort-Worth metroplex. Embracing its 'Transforming the Narrative' mission, AMT amplifies nuanced stories reflecting the diversity, achievements, and challenges within the local Muslim community in a majority-minority state, which has the fifth-largest and one of the fastest-growing Muslim populations in the U.S. It also reflects the national demographics in terms of diversity with large African American and growing Hispanic communities.

AMT uses its accurate representative journalism to engage within the Muslim community but also to crucially build bridges by sharing our stories through article-sharing in mainstream publications. We have had numerous publications in local news media such as the Dallas Morning News, where our editor was part of an award-winning team of writers as well as NPR, Real Clear Politics and The Guardian.

As a women-led platform, AMT goes beyond challenging stereotypes about Muslim women to spotlight their achievements across all fields including STEM, education, arts, politics and faith, while promoting their leadership. We have also risen to the challenge of reporting on gender and mental health issues with religious and cultural sensitivity, frequently partnering with local abuse advocacy organizations like the Texas Muslim Women's Foundation. Following studies showing higher rates of suicide ideation among Muslims, AMT's strong team of community-based expert counselors and writers regularly challenge the stigma surrounding issues such as surviving abuse, suicide, and school and cyber-bullying by fearlessly tackling issues considered taboo. 

AMT's commitment to educational outreach to young people has included internships and confidence-building programs such as NexGen Media Leadership Training (NMLT), a year-long initiative led by expert mentors designed to empower high school students with multi-media literacy and transferable advanced academic/vocational writing skills. 

We also promote civic engagement and grassroots community organization on critically important public policy issues relevant to all American citizens such as gun violence. AMT is the founding media partner for the first-ever national organization on this, American Muslims for Gun Reform, launched here in Dallas last year, following a spate of gun deaths involving the Muslim community in the metroplex. AMGR is working with organizations like Brady, Texas Gun Sense and Gabby Giffords Foundation to engage Muslims on an issue they have been largely silent about in the wake of an unprecedented national rise in gun violence. 

From its inception AMT has focused on health journalism, playing a crucial public service role in keeping the community well-informed by utilizing the many thousands of local members who are in medical-related fields. The combined expertise of health panels equipped with religious and cultural sensitivities was mobilized last year during our year-long hugely successful joint program with the CDC and Texas A&M after being awarded a major COVID-19 vaccination awareness grant ($160,00). This was spearheaded by our Pulmonologist Board president/Community Public Health Director who convened a distinguished panel of local and national experts, becoming trusted news reporting sources, and engaging in community webinars/events to ensure accurate information dissemination to allay community concerns with authority.


AMT's results speak volumes about its success in achieving objectives. Recognition by mainstream outlets like NPR, Real Clear Politics, The Guardian, and the Dallas Morning News attests to the platform's impactful reporting. The Religion News Service acknowledgment and syndication in The Washington Post highlight AMT's dedication to challenging stereotypes about Muslim women and its national impact. The NexGen Media Leadership Training program's success is evident in empowering high school students and offering them practical experience in media-related fields.

Civic engagement initiatives, such as Operation Muslim Vote 2024 and American Muslims for Gun Reform, showcase tangible results in addressing critical public policy issues. The platform's ability to foster interfaith dialogue and collaboration with diverse communities further cements its impact. Beyond traditional media, AMT's online presence boasts a daily viewership of over 25,000 across various social media platforms, ensuring its message reaches a wide and diverse audience. Overall, AMT's results align seamlessly with its mission, contributing to a more inclusive, informed, and empowered society.


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