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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Top Rank Boxing en Español

Finalist in Facebook Presence


In response to the exponential growth of Top Rank Boxing's English language Facebook page in 2022, our social media team strategically pinpointed the Spanish language counterpart, initiated in the latter half of that year, as the focal point for growth in 2023.

Commencing the year with a modest base of 100,000 followers, our overarching objective was to establish this platform as the quintessential hub for Spanish language boxing content. This entailed comprehensive coverage of all Top Rank boxing events, coupled with a heightened emphasis on showcasing the Hispanic athletes signed to the promotion. Numerically, the team focused on two goals - one million followers by the year's end and becoming profitable through the in-stream ad tools Meta provides for monetizing content. 

Through a multifaceted approach encompassing event coverage, athlete spotlight, and strategic monetization, our aim was to not just accumulate followers but to foster a thriving and engaged community passionate about Top Rank and boxing as a whole.

Strategy and Execution

Bringing our project to life involved a comprehensive two-fold strategy aimed at leveraging the existing Spanish language boxing community on Facebook and collaborating strategically with our Meta representatives to align with the platform's algorithmic goals.

Recognizing the considerable presence of Spanish-speaking fans within our English language Facebook page, including 10% of total followership hailing from Mexico alone, we immediately set out to devise a multifaceted approach to entice them to join the Spanish page. Our outreach efforts included over a dozen callouts in Spanish on the English language page encouraging conversion, strategically utilizing Meta's tools to ensure these posts were exclusively visible to Spanish speakers. Furthermore, content collabs between the English language and Spanish language pages became instrumental in our strategy. By co-creating content that spotlighted Hispanic boxing legends like Miguel Cotto and Roberto Duran, we fostered a seamless transition for fans from one page to the other.

Beyond our own pages, we actively engaged with the vibrant Spanish language boxing community within Facebook groups. Becoming active contributors to these groups, we shared content, participated in conversations, and effectively communicated the existence of a dedicated Spanish language page focused on their interests.

The second prong of our strategy involved a close collaboration with Meta representatives. By staying attuned to the evolving trends and preferences on the platform, we optimized our content strategy accordingly. The emergence of Reels as a significant content format prompted us to integrate it into our strategy, ultimately constituting 40% of our content by the end of the year. This strategic shift not only enhanced the visibility of our content but also played a pivotal role in unlocking substantial revenue opportunities.

Throughout the execution of our strategy, we encountered challenges, most notably in ensuring a smooth transition of followers from the English language page to the Spanish language page. However, our targeted callouts, collaborative content creation, and active engagement in relevant groups proved effective in overcoming this challenge.


The results of our campaign exceeded all expectations, marking an extraordinary success. The Spanish language page concluded 2023 with a staggering 982,517 followers, representing an exceptional growth rate of 820% and crossed the million follower mark within the first two weeks of 2024. To add to the success, the viewership numbers were equally strong with the page reaching 200M people and recording one billion views during the year. This growth firmly established the page as the primary destination for Spanish-speaking boxing enthusiasts.

On the revenue front, the campaign surpassed all set goals, achieving an impressive growth rate of 954%. This financial success not only validates the efficacy of our monetization strategy but also underscores the platform's viability as a lucrative space for boxing content.

The remarkable success of our efforts prompted us to expand our Spanish language presence onto two additional Meta platforms—WhatsApp and Instagram. This expansion underscores the enduring impact of our strategy and the confidence it instilled in our team to replicate the success on other channels.


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Top Rank Boxing


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