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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Tiny Hands

Entered in Video Series


The "Tiny Hands" series aimed to use humor and novelty to showcase Hyundai's vehicle features in a distinctive and memorable way. With the saturation of traditional car videos, our goal was to stand out by employing tiny toy hands in a series of creative videos, establishing a fresh visual narrative that could cut through the noise.

Our specific goals were to:

  1. Increase brand awareness and affinity by showcasing Hyundai's features in a lighthearted, approachable manner.
  2. Drive social media engagement and shares, leveraging the humorous and quirky nature of the content to encourage organic reach.
  3. Ensure Hyundai's key vehicle features remain top-of-mind through unique and humorous presentation, improving brand recall.

Strategy and Execution

To bring "Tiny Hands" to life, our plan was grounded in creativity, planning, and strategic execution. Initially, we brainstormed original ways to showcase Hyundai's vehicle features that could stand out in the digital landscape. The concept of using tiny toy hands emerged as a unique approach to draw attention in a playful and memorable way.


Key Features:

Challenges: The main challenge we encountered was the logistics of shooting with the tiny hands, without revealing the hands of the person manipulating them. Achieving the right angle and seamless interaction between the toy hands and the vehicle features required improvision and precision. This posed a unique challenge as we aimed to maintain the illusion of the tiny hands operating independently, ensuring the focus remained on the vehicle's features in a humorous and engaging way.

Overcoming Challenges: To overcome this, special attention was paid to camera angles and lighting to create seamless visuals. In post-production, we refined these shots further, removing any remaining traces that might disrupt the illusion. This approach allowed us to maintain the fun and engaging narrative of the tiny hands showcasing Hyundai's features, ensuring the viewers' focus was captivated by the intended humor and novelty of the campaign.

The "Tiny Hands" campaign stands out due to its unique blend of humor, creativity, and informative content. Unlike traditional automotive ads that often rely on showcasing the vehicle in dynamic environments, we turned the focus inward, using a playful element to highlight the car's features. This approach not only differentiated Hyundai in a crowded market but also demonstrated our commitment to engaging customers in new and unexpected ways.



Combined, this series garnered over 4.3 million views.


Video for Tiny Hands

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INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai Motor America


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