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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Tinder on Threads

Audience Honor in Other Platform Presence


Tinder’s goal when launching on the Threads platform in mid-2023 was to connect with its Gen Z audience through authentic and relatable content focused on their dating lives and core interests. Tinder wanted to foster connection on Threads by acting as the best friend people turn to when they want to gush about a new crush, discuss the latest cultural moment, or when they need a distraction while waiting for that anticipated text back. 

Threads being a new platform, Tinder wanted a partner like Movers+Shakers with expertise in Gen Z and established first-to-market reputation for getting brands on emerging platforms with a strong presence and strategy.

Strategy and Execution

Tinder Threads has become a masterclass in how to not only capture Gen Z’s interest but also maintain it. When starting the channel from scratch in mid-2023, Movers+Shakers and Tinder had to quickly understand what the brands' digitally savvy and highly opinionated audience wanted - while simultaneously learning the quirks and behavior of a completely new platform. 

Movers+Shakers’ talented team of strategists and creatives know that Gen Z are experts at seeing through branded inauthenticity. In order to engage and connect with its younger audience, Tinder wanted to develop a unique personality to be the voice of their content. Enter Tina. 

“Tina” is a queer 23-year-old who lives in New York City and will definitely ask for your astrology chart. She’s the best friend you want to text when your crush smiles in your direction and the cultural expert you hit up to dissect what Taylor said to Travis. Her humor is relatable and witty, and she always knows what the latest trend is. Simply put, she is a cultural icon.

Through Tina, Tinder Threads has been able to communicate in a way that feels authentic to its audience. The content isn’t focused on highlighting specific Reasons to Believe or concerned with proper grammar; rather, it’s quick-turn and representative of a Gen Z group chat. 

Seeing the world through Tina’s eyes helped the team to identify which conversations and moments Tinder should be a part of. Tina’s not afraid to admit when a new crush makes her act a little delusional, she’s eating grapes under the table on New Year’s Eve, she’s wondering where Justin Bieber was during the Super Bowl halftime show - just like our audience. 

To bring this strategy to life, Tinder utilized native Threads features to help create a recognizable and seamless user experience in the app. When Voice Notes launched on the platform, Tinder jumped in right away by asking current Tinder users on Threads to send their best pick-up line as a Voice Note - and they delivered! Tinder also sparked engagement by asking users to type their ex’s name into the GIF bar and post the first to pop up. The team understood that GIF usage is popular on Threads, and by tapping into it, generated 975 replies - the most of any Tinder Thread. Tinder has also tapped into polls as a way to encourage followers to share their opinions - a recent hot take poll asking people if they’ve ghosted someone before received 735 replies, the highest on the account yet!


Since launching Tinder’s presence on Threads in July 2023, the brand has organically grown its following to 58K+. Multiple posts have broken 3K likes with many others crossing 1K likes. Tinder has had posts receive over 950 replies, with brands such as Instagram, Fenty Beauty, Sour Patch Kids, and more showing up in its reply sections. From November to December 2023, there was also a 1,293% MoM increase in replies to Tinder’s Threads content as followers became more eager to create a relationship with the brand and its content.

These metrics prove that Tinder’s content is resonating with its target audience, Gen Z, and encouraging them to engage and connect with other popular brands. The brand is building a connected community who feels seen and supported, and expresses their appreciation through liking and commenting on the platform.


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Movers+Shakers, Tinder


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