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Thriving Together for the Holidays

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The business challenge was to stand out during the holidays and communicate why donors should choose Feeding America amid various nonprofits soliciting holiday/end-of-year donations.

"Thriving Together for the Holidays" redefines fundraising by spotlighting the strengths of those facing hunger. Amid the holiday nonprofit landscape, our goal was to not only secure funds for Feeding America but also to illustrate the transformative impact a meal can have.

With the objective to inform donors that our neighbors thrive with access to nutritious food, we aimed to inspire one-time or recurring monthly donations. The campaign's success would be measured by the number of landing page visits, indicating engagement and interest, as well as the total donations and donation revenue, reflecting the tangible impact of our efforts.

Through this, we sought to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need while achieving measurable success in donor engagement and contributions.


Feeding America has a wealth of study and survey data on the status of hunger in America. Our insight began with understanding that people facing hunger can truly thrive when they have access to nutritious foods.

Our hypothesis was that uplifting messages and positive tone helps viewers feel inspired and motivated to take action and donate. We created two streams of campaign assets that supported Consideration and Acquisition efforts and rotated new stories and assets into the plan to focus key messages and theming during Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday and December holidays.

This socially-driven campaign was a huge departure from the normal tone of other organizations' heartbreaking holiday fundraising campaigns. Often they depict a snapshot of disadvantaged people, kids and pets, appealing to a “saviorist mentality” in hopes of driving donor dollars during the pivotal holiday time period.

Our campaign leads with the strengths and power of the people facing hunger, as opposed to their challenges and shortcomings. We show the impact of how a meal goes beyond nourishing our bodies. It fuels the joy and togetherness of the holiday.

In this refreshing campaign, Feeding America steps into the shoes of people you might know – meet Ilka, your vibrant neighbor, and Brittany, a strong, smart, and compassionate mom. This shift from conventional narratives humanizes the cause, making it relatable and real. By showcasing these familiar personas thriving with the joy of togetherness during the holidays, the campaign not only captures the brand's essence but also reinforces its mission in a way that feels like a shared journey with people you could encounter in your own community. It's not just about giving; it's about celebrating the strength and resilience in those around us, making the cause deeply personal and relatable to everyone.

This campaign was activated in a number of CTV, social and digital paid channels through rich video storytelling and impactful animated units, allowing potential donors to click through to a website to learn more about Feeding America and where their donations go. Our primary channels are CTV, Display, Social FB/IG (In-feed + Stories), Pinterest carousel.

This holiday season, Feeding America adopted a unique fundraising strategy, shifting the focus from hunger to the strengths and power of those facing it. Through compelling social media narratives, we brought to life the vibrant Ilka, a beloved neighbor, and the resilient Brittany, a strong and compassionate mom. The campaign beautifully illustrates how a meal transcends nourishment, becoming the driving force behind joy and togetherness during the holidays.


Results show that our campaign was highly effective. We generated more revenue and increased donations significantly, all while managing to spend efficiently.

Social Acquisition
- Revenue 109% YAG with only 16% increased spend
- 210% YAG increase in number of donations

Social Consideration
- Landing Page Visits 108% increase with only 3% increase of media spend
- Cost per Landing Page visit down 51% YAG

Feeding America estimates approximately 1 in 6 people turned to charitable food assistance for extra food support in 2022. The collective efforts of the public and private sector helped to mitigate a national hunger crisis brought on by the pandemic, but the reality is tens of millions of people look to food banks and pantries to fill in food gaps as they work hard to provide for themselves and their families.

During a time of inflation and general economic dissatisfaction, our positive results show that our inspiring stories of relatable neighbors have helped us remain relevant in the sea of nonprofits.

Leading with positivity and strength, the campaign reinforces Feeding America's core values, portraying hunger relief not just as a response to a need but as a catalyst for thriving communities. The impact of this optimistic approach drove a surge in engagement, reminding us that when people are fed, the transformation from survival to thriving is not just a personal victory but a communal celebration of joy and togetherness.


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S50, Feeding America


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