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We are on a mission to spread hope, positivity, and kindness. We aim to raise awareness and educate through meaningful storytelling, highlighting all the incredible beauty around the world, the diversity of our planet, and individuals who are striving to secure a better future for us all. We want anyone who watches our content to be inspired by what can be achieved and feel connected to the authentic approach. At ThisWorld, everyone is welcome, and we go beyond borders, believing that we are far more alike than we are different. We believe that people are so much more than their circumstances, and through opening your mind and heart, you can learn not only about others but also about others.  ThisWorld is a space where we are encouraged to be compassionate and respectful to other people, our planet, and wildlife. By showcasing our beautiful planet, the incredible efforts of organisations around the world, exploring cultures and traditions, visiting valuable communities and educating on wildlife and conservation, as well as sharing stories of people from around the globe, we hope to overcome differences and make a positive change. Through our channels and content we want to be a fresh start and source of hope. A lot of kindness and good goes unnoticed every day, so lets notice it! Turn attention to where it matters and strive to secure a better future. 


ThisWorld is a result from years of dedicated research and exploration into the dynamics of contemporary social media landscapes, as well as the profound challenges confronting humanity and our planet. Driven by a profound desire to ignite social consciousness and forge genuine connections grounded in our shared human experience, our mission has been to cultivate a community united by a passion for purpose-driven content. Starting our Instagram page on January 29th, 2023, ThisWorld entered the digital sphere with a fresh perspective. Today, we are proud to say that we have a dedicated following exceeding 144,000 people on Instagram, and over 20 exclusive ThisWorld production short format documentaries and cinematic films on the YouTube. From the outset, our vision and aspirations were crystalline, yet we encountered significant hurdles, particularly when wanting to collaborate with esteemed filmmakers to actualise our creative visions. Fortunately, as these collaborators shared our excitement for crafting impactful narratives and eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute. Presently, many of these collaborators continue to tread the same path, while new creators express interest in joining us daily. Our journey has been affected by the challenge of navigating an industry where our style of content and innovation was not yet trendy. Nevertheless, the resounding affirmation from our community, celebrating the joy and vitality our work brings, fuels our unwavering commitment. Our goal with creating an online presence is to achieve an offline positive impact.


In an industry predominantly preoccupied with purely entertaining content and luxury travel ( we do believe. though. all travel is a luxury) we have proudly introduced an ethos of authentic and profound storytelling. This approach has had dual impact, conscientious travel practices and fostering a broader, more enlightened perspective on life while championing an ethos of openness to new experiences and learning. An aspect of particular pride for us is the versatility of our content, which resonates with viewers in various ways. For some, it serves as a source of inspiration for future journeys, while for others, it serves as a rich educational resource. Throughout, our unwavering focus remains on authentically portraying the diverse tapestry of people, cultures, and nations, devoid of any ulterior motives or external influences. As our films and content have been published, the positive response has been a validation of our success. Central to our mission has always been the manner in which our content was recieved, often evidenced by heartfelt feedback from locals in the places we've explored, shared in our comment sections or messages and other types of engagement. 


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ThisWorld, ThisWorld


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