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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Windmill - The AC That Sells Itself

Finalist in CTV/OTT


Windmill Air was a young startup looking to disrupt the out-dated AC industry with its new, modern, and efficient Window ACs.  Coming off a successful campaign in the prior season, Windmill again tasked us to drive awareness and sales for their updated 2023 units as they pushed for scale to the brand.  






Strategy and Execution

Creative: From our prior ad campaign for Windmill, we all learned that in the end, consumers LOVED the modern aesthetics of their window units.  We could speak about its high-tech features, its eco-friendly efficiency, and quiet tech...but in the end, the main driver for these units was how beautiful they look in a living room. 

We wanted to put the aesthetics of the unit on full display. Ideally, if we could keep the AC in the shot for the ENTIRE ad, we knew it would perform well.  We just needed a unique and clever idea that allowed the AC to be in the shot, but also with enough pizzazz going on in the scene around it to keep it interesting and entertaining.  

The hero ad did just that, playfully putting the focus on the AC! We additionally supplemented this spot with two other versions. 

Distribution:  We considered the best medium for distributing the ad and landed on CTV. The demo and location of these premium AC buyers were specific: 

  1. Affluent
  2. "Millennial"
  3. Living in high-temperature urban cities. 
  4. Living in older apartment buildings without central AC. 

We wanted a channel that would allow for reach and conversions, but also granular targeting. Linear TV felt too broad and lacked the immediate tracking parameters that Windmill needed, and "social" lacked the big-screen living room premium inventory which we wanted these to appear on. 

We landed on creating 30s spots specifically for premium inventory on CTV.  We shot and scripted each spot, knowing the end placement would be premium inventory, being watched by the demo in their living rooms. 










Led by a strong streaming run through the entirety of the summer season, Wimdmill's CTV campaign resulted in: 


Video for Windmill - The AC That Sells Itself

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Bacon and Eggs Media, Windmill Air


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