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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Well By Northwell Health, with Revmade

Finalist in Email & Newsletter


Our culture is undergoing a crisis of trust. Amid misinformation, manipulative messaging and the rise of self-proclaimed experts on social, real expertise has never been needed more, especially in health and wellness. The Well by Northwell—a brand publication that delivers trusted expertise at moments of truth in people’s lives—is our commitment to the future of healthcare. 

We connect with our audience—Chief Medical Officers of the Home— to provide them with personalized content that reduces stress and makes them feel more confident on their healthcare journey. Our mission is to become a trusted partner in moments of truth. Be there for our audience during life-altering diagnoses, to correct misinformation, and to guide them through challenges and the unknown. 

When we study our audience, we see that they’re frustrated with the health information they find. Publishers monetize their anxiety, and other health systems sanitize it through cold & clinical information. And in 2023, the proliferation of AI has made the health information landscape incredibly more complex. As our audience navigates these challenges, the way they’re consuming health information is evolving.

We launched The Well as a digital publication nearly seven years ago. But in early 2023, we identified a need for a more robust newsletter strategy to foster deeper connection and engagement with our audience. With this launch, we aimed to be a steady voice in a more direct and intimate way. With a direct line of communication to our audience, we knew we could be there for them in new ways.


Strategy and Execution

Our audience is at the core of The Well’s entire operation. In moments of need, people need voices of trust. The Well scales our expertise to reach people in those moments and offer them a way out of their anxiety and a next step to take. We aim to close the chasm between health seekers and health experts, while improving overall health literacy. We do this by translating our clinicians' expertise into highly relevant, accessible and easy to understand content that helps solve our audiences' real concerns.

As part of our newsletter strategy, we studied engagement and content performance across owned channels to identify topics of interest among our audience. Based on this research, we built two core newsletter products to speak to these specific needs: 

We also refined our approach to The Well’s weekly newsletter to better match subscriber needs: 

To fuel these newsletters, we leverage a data-driven editorial planning and production process: 

We monitor feedback and performance to optimize campaigns and inform future planning.


In 2023, performance highlights include: 

92% of identifiable subscribers are in Northwell's service area, creating a direct tie between Well editorial efforts and awareness (and consideration) of Northwell’s health services.


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Revmade, The Well By Northwell Health


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