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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Personality Hires: Building a Brand through Employee-Centric Content

Audience Honor in Employee Engagement


Our objective, first and foremost, was to build a loyal, tight-knit and cross-channel community that shares our interest and passion for all things growth. We also set out with the goal as to establish NoGood as the unparalleled expert in the increasingly competitive landscape of growth marketing, amplifying our brand awareness and cementing our authority within this space.

Putting a face behind the brand and the agency name meant striking the right balance between authority and relatability, credibility and comfortability. We put our employees front and center not only to showcase the team behind our work, but also to create new avenues for attracting potential clients and new talent via our social media platforms. We wanted to be a team people actively sought to partner with or join — and achieving that meant being open and authentic about who we were as a company, as well as establishing creative and engaging ways for people to understand our values, expertise and culture. This was our way of inviting people into the NoGood culture, so that they could get an authentic glimpse of our team “behind the desk”.


Strategy and Execution

Creating short form videos in the B2B landscape was a true puzzle for us at the start. We knew we needed to showcase our agency's expertise while also tapping into the entertaining side of short form video content. Our journey began with a lot of trial and error – we experimented with different content themes, exploring everything from company culture to marketing insights and brand breakdowns. However, amidst this experimentation, a clear trend emerged: our audience craved authenticity above all else. It became evident that whenever we showcased our internal culture, our viewers connected with us the most. So, we kicked off small-scale by filming team members sharing their thoughts on various topics. As our confidence grew with this approach, we transitioned into crafting relatable skits that shared exaggerated and entertaining storylines of working in an office. We leveraged our employees' personalities to get the audience invested into series such as "friendly feuds" between coworkers Sarah and Chris, skits that showcased common work experiences like the interaction between different departments, and gave our own spin on trends like Mean Girls to show the teams' personalities. We gradually introduced character arcs and storylines, adding depth to our content, and sprinkled in surprises for our dedicated followers, building a tight-knit community along the way.

However, the journey wasn't without its obstacles. Balancing the expertise that we wanted to showcase as a growth leader with the entertainment aspect of short-form video content was a challenge. We had to constantly make sure we were authentic to who we were as people and as a team while still delivering value from the perspective of a thought leader and expert in the growth space. This meant reframing our content from the traditional perspective of a marketing agency’s social media page, to more of a media outlet that has a primary focus of edu-tainment. Through our experimentation, we learned that the best way to show our expertise was to show it through a successful and engagement community, not by simply talking to a camera about what CTR is. Navigating the constantly changing algorithms of social media platforms, including TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, also posed a significant challenge. Adapting our content strategy to align with these evolving algorithms demanded continuous monitoring and adjustment, adding a layer of complexity to our content creation process. 

Moreover, involving a full-time growth team, juggling responsibilities across various domains such as paid social, SEM, lifecycle marketing, and SEO for our client partners, presented its own hurdles. Despite their busy schedules, these team members actively participated in content creation, investing their valuable time and contributing innovative ideas. Managing and coordinating their involvement in the content creation process while maintaining the momentum in their other crucial roles required meticulous planning about how we integrated employee engagement in content into our day-to-day operations as an agency. 

Despite the challenges, we stuck to it, and our dedication paid off. Letting our expertise show through our work helped us not only stand out from the crowd but also build real connections that had people coming back time and time again. This mix of knowledge, fun, and authenticity made us a hit in the short form video game, bringing people behind the curtain in the highly competitive agency world.


The quantifiable results of our efforts speak volumes. We achieved a staggering 95% increase in average reels views month-over-month, accumulating over 6 million views in total. Within a remarkably brief period, we doubled our following and subsequently witnessed a fourfold increase over the subsequent two quarters. Some of our top viewed videos reached 3.8M views, 4.9M views, 3.3M views and just in the last 90 days we have reached over 3.2 Million accounts with our content

Ultimately, our most formidable asset emerged to be our own people. By spotlighting their strengths and personalities, we harnessed a powerful superpower that resonated profoundly with our audience, fostering genuine connections and substantially amplifying our reach.



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