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The Introvert's Survival Guide

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The Introvert’s Survival Guide was developed to help introverted listeners tackle the challenges of everyday life. As an introvert herself, host and acclaimed comedian Aparna Nancherla talks one-on-one with “introverted experts” of all kinds to provide listeners with relatable anecdotes as well as actionable advice that’s both humorous and sincer.

More info from the official description: The Introvert’s Survival Guide is a show for those whose worst nightmares include (but are not limited to) going on a date with a total stranger, having the megaphone at a protest, or learning that your office is terminating work-from-home days. If you lie awake at night mulling over these fears, we are here to help. Host Aparna Nancherla speaks to introverted experts of all kinds and addresses issues listeners face when navigating the workplace, dating, parenting, activism, and more. You’ll gain skills to apply to your everyday life, commiserate with like minds about overstimulating environments, and hear about experiences that make you feel a little less alone.



To offer advice on the wide range of social circumstances that could trigger anxiety for introverts, Fresh Produce set out to find guests both famous and lesser0known from various walks of life and professions. Some had previously known Aparna, some had not, but all had experience with finding success while honoring their own social styles and preferences.



The final guest list was diverse in terms of demographics as well as experience, and the series was covered in outlets from The New York Times to Hot Pod (The Verge).


Guests and their topics were: “How to Introvert w/ Jenn Granneman,” “How to Survive Strangers w/ Elyse Myers,” “How to Network w/ Jeri Bingham,” “How to Friend w/ Jessica Pan,” “How to Activism w/ Deepa Iyer,” “How to Find Love on Craigslist w/ Eric Smith,” “How to Handle Kids w/ Christine Fonesca,” and “How to be an Extroverted Ally w/ Seth Meyers.”



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