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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Damage Report

Audience Honor in News & Politics Podcast


Created in 2018, The Damage Report provides a daily breakdown of the world’s true threats and challenges. Host John Iadarola delivers an unflinching, no-holds-barred accounting of the damage done by the world’s power players, and the day-by-day battle to hold them accountable. The Damage Report is the perfect political digest for the 2024 election season.

Strategy and Execution

The Damage Report delights in confronting the powerful and the systems they perpetuate to the detriment of everyday people. John Iadarola and progressive contributors cover politics, culture, and current events. Together, they provide their audience with meaningful analysis and commentary on the topics that shape the modern zeitgeist. 

The Damage Report also actively advocates for popular and positive policy changes. In the previous year, John Iadarola spearheaded an initiative to pressure American politicians to support a nationwide paid family leave bill. The Damage Report championed a petition campaign to nurture grassroots support for the issue. As a new father himself, he understands the importance of this policy and fights to secure this benefit for all parents everywhere.

Through daily interaction with the audience, The Damage Report has also organically produced a community of like-minded individuals known as the Dragon Squad. Dragon Squad members choose dragon-themed names for themselves and number into the thousands. Creative collaborations between Dragon members and The Damage Report have resulted in the creation of art, content, and merchandise.



The Damage Report continues to inform and educate its audience. Recently, this bold progressive program received its 1 billionth view. With any luck, some of those viewers have gained the confidence to fight for positive change in the real world. When The Damage Report and the Dragon Squad work together, anything is possible.



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