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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Cheeky Strategy: Universal Destinations on X/Twitter

Finalist in X (formerly Twitter)


We're a fun brand. Seriously, just look out of our office windows and you can see roller coasters. Being a fun brand, we're always looking to incorporate our Universal Destintions brand essense in everything we do in social media. One way to do this leveraging our bold and irreverent brand personality to grab attention in a way that drives awareness and increase positive association with our brand. Our goal is to get a daily smile, chuckle, or laugh from our fans so that they remember why they follow us. 

Strategy and Execution

One of the ways we’ve brought our brand personality to life through social media is the heavy use of Twitter/X. As a platform designed for public, real-time messaging, we use it as a tool to differentiate our brand through unique and creative content such as memes, trend spots, and clever copyrighting. By being timely, humorous, and irreverent with our guests, fans, other brands, we’ve captured our audience. They know us. They know what to expect. And they know, most importantly that we’re real people and not a faceless corporate Globe.  This strategy has been very successful and has generated a significant amount of owned and earned media impressions over the years and 2023 was no different.


Constant social listening and online messaging keep the social media team in continuous communication with each other. When a moment for a trend spot emerges, the team goes into immediate ideation, leadership approval, and ultimate action. The result is a strategically driven engine for producing trending content in a timely and approved manner. We don’t post just to be funny, we have a specific set of pre-approved guidelines that prevents any possible issue.


Despite drastic loses in users and engagements on Twitter/X in the last year, our team managed to see year-over-year increases in impressions, engagements, and engagement rate that surpasses the travel and general industry sector benchmarks. But beyond the numbers are the fan reactions. The fans are at the heart of everything we do in social. Constantly and consistently engaging with our audience is something we strive for and, to measure this, we review sentiment reporting specifically relating to our social content. Just as our metrics, our sentiment, year after year, remains in the high 90s. As anecdotal measurements, we take delight in seeing how the fans react in their replies and quote tweet. Did we get that laugh? That’s a win for the brand.




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