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The Boogeyman (2023) | TikTok Live Sleeping Stunt

Finalist in Live Video


The only thing more chilling than The Boogeyman watching you sleep...thousands of strangers on TikTok watching you sleep while using the interactive elements of the livestream to enhance the scares. The marketing team at 20th Century Studios partnered with Austin, TX based agency TriplePlay Studios to bring this idea to life the week before the theatrical release of The Boogeyman. 


After discovering a niche on TikTok where users watch content creators sleep on live, the digital marketing team at 20th Century Studios was inspired to combine the plot points from The Boogeyman (2023) to create a week long sleeping stunt on TikTok Live. We partnered with TriplePlay Studios to enlist 5 influencers with demographics interested in horror to sleep on TikTok live for 12 hours at a time.

TriplePlay built a custom room based on main character’s bedroom in the film. The bedroom included a variety of interactive elements such as jump scares, lights, sound effects, etc that could be triggered by fans interacting with the livestream. The content creators made promo videos driving their fans to the livestream which boosted it on the For You Page and kept fans on their toes hour after hour, never knowing what would come next. 


Our TikTok livestream stunt was successful in garnering a total of 5.4 million views. Promo videos from the creators driving to the livestream reached 3.8 million views.   


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20th Century Studios


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