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The Art of Digital Craft: 5-Minute Crafts®' Global Reach

Finalist in Multi-Platform Presence


5-Minute Crafts®, renowned for its engaging and diverse DIY content, set ambitious objectives for 2023 to expand its influence and engagement across multiple digital platforms.

1. Expanding and Supporting Retail Presence:

Support the launch of 5-Minute Crafts® craft boxes in Walmart stores across North America with a multi-platform campaign to raise awareness through significant reach, aiming for 10 million views from the US audience by January 2024.

2. Strengthening Brand Recognition and Global Outreach:

Enhance brand recognition worldwide, expanding further across platforms and languages through various sub-brands of the 5-Minute Crafts® family, focusing on family-friendly content, and leveraging localized channels.

3. Platform-Specific Goals:

For platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, the focus was on continued follower growth and increased views and watch time. 

On YouTube, the goal was to maintain high watch time and leverage long-term viewing trends, while on Pinterest, the focus was on growing followers and impressions, particularly for video pins.

4. Leveraging Partnerships, Licensing Deals, and Innovative Collaborations:

Objectives included expanding into AVOD/FAST channels through strategic partnerships with additional platforms and engaging in unique collaborations, like with Rovio’s Angry Birds and Crayola, to explore new audiences and increase engagement.


Our strategy for 5-Minute Crafts®' multi-platform presence was an intricate mix of tailored content creation and strategic digital outreach, aimed at showcasing our unique brand identity across various digital landscapes. This approach was centered around leveraging our diverse content range and expanding our presence through strategic partnerships and platform-specific initiatives, with the goal of creating a unified yet dynamic multi-platform presence that resonates with a global audience.

1. Retail Expansion and Digital Integration:

Our strategy integrated the launch of 5-Minute Crafts® craft boxes in Walmart with a digital campaign across multiple platforms, which included the creation of original episodes to support it.

2. Content Innovation and Social Impact:

In addition to developing new methods of remote video production, our approach was to create content that resonates on a deeper level with our audience. We diversified our content themes to include socially impactful videos focusing on environmental themes and inclusive content that showcased diverse abilities and experiences.

3. Global Audience Engagement Through Localized Content:

Recognizing the global reach of the 5-Minute Crafts® brand, we increased our investment in localized channels. This strategy was aimed at enhancing engagement with international audiences by delivering content that resonates with their cultural and regional preferences.

4. Platform-Specific Content Experiments and SEO Strategy:

We adopted a dynamic content strategy across platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, experimenting with different content forms to align with SEO trends and audience interests. This approach was aimed at attracting unique viewers and increasing watch time by tapping into topics such as survival hacks.

5. Leveraging Strategic Partnerships:

This included collaborations with renowned brands and platforms, leveraging our content in innovative ways. Our partnerships, such as with Rovio’s Angry Birds and Crayola, aimed to blend the worlds of DIY, gaming, and digital entertainment, creating unique fan engagement events and opening up new channels for audience interaction. 

We also focused on expanding our presence on new platforms and AVOD/FAST channels, making our content available to a broader audience, and diversifying our digital footprint. These efforts were instrumental in reaching new demographics and enhancing our brand's global appeal.


Adapting to Platform Dynamics: Tailoring our content to suit the unique algorithms and audience behaviors of each platform was a key challenge. We focused on creative content that was adaptable yet consistent across platforms.

Engaging a Global Audience: Another challenge was maintaining engagement across a diverse, global audience. Our strategy of localized content and platform-specific approaches played a crucial role in overcoming this.


Our multi-platform strategy for 5-Minute Crafts® was designed to not only expand the brand's digital footprint but also to deepen audience engagement across a variety of digital landscapes. Our approach was about creating a unified yet diverse digital presence, showcasing our commitment to creativity, inclusivity, and audience engagement across the digital landscape.


1. Kits Campaign:

Successfully surpassed our original aim of 10 million views from the U.S.

2. Facebook: 

3. Localized/Diverse Content: 

4. TikTok/Snapchat: 

5. YouTube/Pinterest: 

6. Instagram:

7. Partnerships:


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