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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Workspace Anthem

Entered in Product Feature Video


Google Workspace is a powerful suite of tools, with products like Meet, Docs, and Slides used frequently by businesses in their daily operations. Despite this, Google Chat has been underutilized within the suite, as many enterprise systems opt for alternative messaging solutions in addition to their workspace subscription. The likely cause of this trend is multiple shifts in the product’s marketing strategy over the years, leaving consumers and businesses alike uncertain about who Google Chat is for and what it has to offer. 

Our goal was to shift perceptions, show enterprise systems that Chat was made for them, and present the app as not only a comprehensive messaging platform, but also the heart of collaboration in Workspace. In the end, we hoped to demonstrate to subscribers that they didn't need to pay for additional products when Chat already possessed the capabilities they were searching for.

Strategy and Execution

The creative was set to launch during Google Next '23, where the new Google Chat would be unveiled, and the video could gain targeted exposure and make an immediate impact on enterprise systems. The Google Workspace team provided a list of over 30 new features, including smart integrations like Duet AI, collaboration tools, and more. From that list, we selected features that we believed could help tell the most compelling story for decision-makers, and bridged them together with relevant use-cases that would best speak to our target audience and highlight the benefits of Chat. 

We broke our finalized list of features out into categories to make sure we were addressing the four major pain points for key decision-makers: collaboration, organization, security, and intuitiveness. For instance, considering that evolving work environments are a significant concern for business executives, we prioritized essential features such as Meet integration and group Spaces. This demonstrated how Chat promotes collaboration without fragmentation and enables users to work together effortlessly regardless of their location. Additionally, we made sure to highlight smart features like predictive text suggestions and conversation summaries to illustrate that Chat is not only intuitive, but also inventive.

Through everything from visuals to animation to sound design, we built a video that properly highlighted the product and felt just as collaborative and connected as the Google Chat experience. We visually incorporated elements from the product UI and crafted the sound design to make it feel as if real people were doing real work together, and these visuals really came to life thanks to a fluid animation approach that paralleled the intuitive nature of the features and created an overall engaging, upbeat spot. The resulting creative not only leveraged Chat as the center of collaboration in Workspace, but also showed that it wasn’t just another competitor in the market: it was ready to push the industry towards the future of work with built-in AI.


Video for Workspace Anthem

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Hook, Google