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Swaad Bihar Ka

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The 'Swaad Bihar Ka' local marketing campaign aimed to establish Sunrise Pure Spices (a brand under ITC Limited, one of India's most valuable conglomerates) as a prominent and beloved brand deeply rooted in the cultural tapestry of Bihar (a state in north-east of India).

The primary objectives were to create a profound connection with the local audience, enhance brand visibility within the immediate geographic location, and position Sunrise as the go-to spice brand synonymous with the authentic flavors of Bihar. The campaign sought to leverage local marketing strategies to engage communities and neighborhoods within the state, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty among consumers.


The strategy for this local campaign was crafted with meticulous attention to Bihar's unique cultural nuances and demographics. Given the predominantly Hindi-speaking market, the campaign strategically bypassed national TV advertising, focusing instead on digital platforms and traditional media prevalent in the region. The digital strategy was robust, emphasizing influencer collaborations with Bihar-specific influencers, leveraging regional languages, and promoting on-ground activations during festivals.

The execution involved a phased approach, starting with a pre-launch phase that built anticipation through the 'Swaad Se Swaagat' campaign, featuring content tailored to local preferences.

The launch phase orchestrated a harmonious blend of traditional and digital elements, with the Madhubani-themed (a traditional art form from the region) launch event, on-ground activations, and collaborations with leading local dailies.

The sustained phase maintained engagement through ongoing on-ground events, social media challenges, and continuous digital content creation.

Local influencers played a pivotal role, adding credibility to the brand and facilitating a more authentic connection with the target audience. The BCA campaigns using regional influencers achieved high viewer engagement, surpassing industry benchmarks. Traditional media, including advertisements in leading local newspapers, ensured consistent visibility within the immediate geographic location.


The results of the 'Swaad Bihar Ka' local campaign were both impactful and tailored to the local context. The campaign successfully achieved its objectives by deeply connecting with the local audience and enhancing brand visibility within Bihar. The digital outreach reached over 25 Mn people locally, creating a significant buzz and establishing 'Swaad Bihar Ka' as a recognizable and cherished brand in the region.

Sales figures demonstrated a remarkable increase, more than doubling post-campaign launch and maintaining a positive trajectory. The BLS campaign showed a remarkable 1.5-point increase in trial intent, surpassing industry benchmarks and reflecting the effectiveness of the local strategies employed. Sunrise's market share increased by a noteworthy 150 basis points during the campaign, showcasing the brand's resonance within the immediate geographic location.

Overall, the 'Swaad Bihar Ka' local campaign not only met but exceeded the expectations set for local engagement and impact. The campaign's success lay in its ability to seamlessly integrate with the cultural fabric of Bihar, leveraging local marketing strategies to create a campaign that felt authentic, relatable, and deeply connected to the communities and neighborhoods within the state.


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-, Sunrise Pure Spices, ITC Limited


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