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Sun, Slime and Social

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As the marketing and PR agency for Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana, Alliance Connection took charge of promoting the annual Summer of SpongeBob event hosted at the resorts! To amp up the excitement and promote this seasonal offering, we invited renowned family content creators and brands to join us in the Dominican Republic for a creator summit like no other, called Sun, Slime and Social. We were tasked with vetting & booking talent, event ideation and production, guiding content creation, and monitoring influencer deliverables.

Our primary objective was to ensure that influencer attendees had ample opportunities for brand introductions, networking, relationship-building with other creators, and access to exclusive content. Carefully-curated touch points were included in the Sun, Slime and Social programming that allowed our participants to hone their skills in meaningful ways that sparked lasting connections with their audience and each other. 

Our underlying goal for the event was to foster creativity while celebrating Nickelodeon's joy, fandom, and nostalgia. From macro-level creators who target niche fanbases to global jet-setters with millions of followers, Sun, Slime and Social engaged attendees through thoughtfully-developed group activities that allowed the talent to produce shareable and collaborative content that in turn garnered increased awareness for the all-inclusive property.These epic program elements included character meet & greets, beach parties, Slimings, SpongeBob episode screenings, and unique culinary experiences where creators were tasked with showcasing key aspects of the resort. The result? Shareable, authentic, and synergistic content that sparked a massive surge in awareness for the property.


This custom-produced event had several standout moments for creators with opportunities for inspiration, education, and collaboration, putting Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana in front of millions with quality content from the upper echelon of creators. 

Once they arrived on the property, Sun, Slime and Social attendees were entered by team into a Space to Create competition based on their content alignment and style. The team with the most creative and fun content had the opportunity to win a return trip back to the resort - further incentivizing the urgency to share. 

We also partnered with well-known brands eat2explore and BDG’s The Dad to create networking opportunities for our creators and offer them the benefits of directly interacting with major lifestyle brands one-on-one. This included an interactive culinary experience where eat2explore was activated to teach influencers to learn how to prepare a recipe made from local ingredients while discovering fun facts about the Dominican Republic. Influencers also competed in a dad joke telling open mic night, hosted by The Dad, that provided laughs to further unite the attendees together and show the light-hearted fun found at the all-inclusive property. 

We sought to make Sun, Slime and Social a catalyst event for increased awareness around the seasonal Summer of Spongebob programming offered at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana. We feel that meaningful brand collaboration goes beyond surface-level awareness, and that influencers need to fully experience a brand’s offerings in order to produce authentic content. With this in mind, we made sure to provide our on-site creators with multiple touch points throughout the event to tell their story as they experienced Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana firsthand. This strategy resulted in the event generating continuous and blanketed content for Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana that drove social media impressions through the roof and created brand advocates for the resort.  

With moments of play and fun incorporated throughout, the program’s creative touch points offered creators the ability to build core family memories with Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana at the center. The unparalleled fun that they experienced in tandem with their creator counterparts churned out heartwarming content that is still being shared and allowed them to build deeper connections. 

Additionally, we ensured that attending creators left the property with new tools, relationships, and skills that would continue to benefit them moving forward.  


The purpose of the Sun, Slime and Social summit was to drive awareness and generate excitement for Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts’ seasonal programming, Summer of SpongeBob. This seasonal summer program immersed guests in a vibrant Bikini Bottom-inspired world featuring epic tiki-themed beach parties, signature Pajama Jam breakfasts, arts and crafts, Nick Live! Poolside experiences, and double the character encounters with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy.

To date, the Sun, Slime and Social event has garnered over:

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As an additional note, the influencers had so much fun interacting with one another for the first time that several of the families have asked for a return trip to be coordinated for them as a group - which speaks to the unifying nature of this summit and nods to the primary goal of aiding creators in developing genuine relationships within their field.


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