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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

CMT Studio Sessions

Finalist in Music Video


CMT Studio Sessions is a live performance digital series that set out to provide a vibrant platform for country artists to spotlight their music for CMT's social audience of 14 million. We looked to devise a cost and time-efficient model, aimed at capturing high-quality performances with as many artists as possible over two days. Employing a live-cutting approach not only optimized speed to market but also strategically aligned with the CMA Festival, capitalizing on the cultural moment in Nashville, which is where CMT is headquartered. CMT Studio Sessions stands as a testament to our commitment to showcasing diverse country voices while efficiently navigating the creative process, bringing authentic performances to the forefront of CMT's digital landscape.

Strategy and Execution

CMT Studio Sessions embarked on a mission to seamlessly fuse authenticity with efficiency. Our strategy commenced with crafting a set that authentically reflected the spirit of CMT while providing a comfortable and genuine space for a spectrum of country artists. The objective was to create an environment where each performer could showcase their unique voice and style, ensuring the set resonated with the diverse landscape of the country genre.

To maximize both time and resources, we strategically implemented a live-cutting model. This innovative approach allowed us to capture performances in real-time, significantly reducing post-production edit time. The live-cutting technique not only streamlined the creative process but also facilitated a dynamic and engaging experience for both the artists and the audience.

Over the course of two intense days, we successfully brought in a remarkable lineup of 16 country artists, each allotted time to perform two songs. This carefully devised model enabled us to capture an impressive 32 pieces of performance content. Beyond that, recognizing the power of short-form content in the digital era, we also generated an additional 25 pieces of compelling social content. This dual output not only showcased the artists' musical prowess but also provided bite-sized, shareable moments that highlighted artists personalities and resonated effectively across various social media platforms.

Furthermore, our strategic timing aligned with the CMA Festival, leveraging the cultural moment in Nashville, CMT's headquarters. This synchronization not only enhanced the cultural resonance of the content but also allowed us to tap into the heightened awareness and engagement surrounding the festival. By capturing and releasing content during this opportune moment, we maximized the impact and visibility of CMT Studio Sessions.

In addition to the performance content, our strategy extended to post-production and content distribution. We meticulously aligned the release schedule of Studio Sessions with individual artist release plans, optimizing the content's impact. This strategic coordination ensured that the authentic performances seamlessly integrated into each artist's broader narrative and promotional efforts.

CMT Studio Sessions is a testament to our commitment to celebrating the rich tapestry of country music while navigating the digital landscape with efficiency and innovation. By marrying authenticity with a streamlined approach, we successfully created a platform that not only resonates with CMT's audience but also amplifies the voices of numerous country artists, contributing to the vibrant and diverse narrative of the genre.


CMT Studio Sessions triumphed, seamlessly blending authenticity and efficiency. The content, generating 616K engagements and 10.8M views, resonated powerfully across social platforms. Leveraging this success, CMT swiftly executed a second Studio Sessions, featuring 16 more artists. The strategic marriage of genuine performances and streamlined production not only captivated audiences but solidified Studio Sessions as a dynamic and impactful series, amplifying the voices of diverse country artists and reinforcing CMT's commitment to innovation in the digital realm.


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MTV Entertainment Studios


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