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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Socially Smart Education: DP Education's Mastery in Leveraging Social Media for Modern Learning

Audience Honor in Education


Since October 2019, DP Education of Dhammika & Priscilla Perera Foundation, has been revolutionizing the online educational landscape with its technology-driven approach. Our mission is rooted in combating poverty through widespread, free access to education, aiming to position Sri Lanka as a developed nation with a higher GDP per capita income. 

DP Education offers an expansive e-learning platform, delivering over 23,000 hours of educational content across 75 subjects, including IT, health, sports and languages. Our resources, developed by leading educators, are accessible in Sinhala, Tamil, and English, catering to a diverse audience without an age limit. This approach has garnered significant online traction, with over 1.3 billion watch minutes and 245 million views on YouTube, extending our reach from Sri Lanka to over 167 countries.

At the core of our innovation is the DP Education IT Campus, aspiring to cultivate a million coders, including 500,000 young girls, over five years. This endeavour, valued at over USD 7.5 billion, is pivotal in building a digitally literate workforce for Sri Lanka's future. Currently, over 120 such IT campuses are established across Sri Lanka, providing digital literacy for all at no cost. Beyond technology, we are dedicated to transforming unskilled labour, enhancing language skills for global competitiveness, and supporting skilled migration through courses in English, Japanese, Korean, and Italian. Our Skills for Life brand covers a wide spectrum from hospitality to coexistence, while our Public Health initiative focuses on comprehensive well-being, including maternity and mental health.

In summary, DP Education's multifaceted, disruptive strategy in education and technology not only addresses immediate learning needs but also lays a foundation for sustainable, long-term socio-economic development.


Strategy and Execution

At DP Education, our innovative use of digital platforms significantly enhances the online learning and teaching experience. Our approach includes 10 specialized websites and 2 apps, where project-based learning is key to engaging and educating our students. We're actively present on 14 social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, GitHub, Telegram, Discord, (X) Twitter, TikTok, Threads, and a Blog. Our channels on YouTube provide uninterrupted access to ad-free educational content, ensuring students can learn anytime and anywhere without distraction.

Our social media strategy is comprehensive and interactive. Below are some of our key highlights from our social media strategy,




Overall Impact Summary:


Website and App Usage:


YouTube Engagement:


We carried out a survey among the 80,000 individuals who attended our educational exhibitions in 2023. The results revealed that an overwhelming 95% were aware of DP Education and followed us on social media, finding our offerings beneficial for their growth.


Testimonials from teachers, parents and learners who use our content - 



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DP Education of Dhammika & Priscilla Perera Foundation


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