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Sloomoo Institute

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Our mission? Injecting the world with #satisfying joy! Our medium? Slime-filled videos, behind-the-scenes peeks, and an over-the-top immersive experience.

At Sloomoo Institute, joy takes center stage. The slime-filled, immersive experience invites guests of all ages and abilities to fully delve into a multi-sensory world of scented, handmade slime and other tactile compounds. We spread joy with a purpose, supporting mental wellness through partnership with MindUP (Goldie Hawn Foundation’s global non-profit) and fostering inclusivity in our online community made up of more than 1.9M people old and young.

Sloomoo’s social team is tasked with supporting Sloomoo’s joy-filled mission by increasing national brand awareness, driving ticket sales across 4 cities where our venues are located, and creating buzz around the benefits of slime to ultimately drive DTC slime purchases. The multifaceted strategy is driven by a blend of trend forecasting and genuine community engagement. Our narrative-driven content personifies our beloved mascot, Sloomoo to create moments of joy in feeds that can often be overwhelmingly doom and gloom. Our most viral videos bring the in-person experience of Sloomoo Institute online, inviting viewers in key markets and across the globe behind the scenes of Sloomoo’s immersive features where people can touch, squish, smell the world around them in ways they can't at home. The content transports viewers to feel as though they are sinking their hands and sometimes feet into tactile compounds, hearing the pops and snaps of crunchy slime, swimming in Kinetic Sand that crumbles with perfection, mesmerizing, electric colors, and soothing ASMR.



Sloomoo Institute is the brainchild of co-founders Sara Schiller and Karen Robinovitz. Karen previously founded Digital Brand Architects, the first influencer talent management agency and is credited for ushering in the paid influencer movement. Robinovitz understands the power of influential social media, as well as the need for quick decision making and action behind viral moments and trends. With that in mind, she and Sara give their savvy social team full autonomy to move nimbly, evaluating social content on a near daily basis to continue creating a cohesive online presence that is both authentic and on-trend.


Community management is key to our social strategy. Our Social Media Community Manager is empowered to make personal connections through our community gifting program, where personalized gifts end up driving UGC content for our hand-crafted slimes and increase brand awareness.  


Top performing content over the last year have included TikToks and Reels that invite viewers not only to experience Sloomoo from afar, but pulls back the curtain to show how the magic happens. Our highest performing TikToks are time lapse videos that showcase preparation at Lake Sloomoo (a 500 gallon “lake” of cloud slime) - amassing more than 50M views. The top two most-viewed Facebook posts drove 263k views for our seasonal holiday drop that ultimately supported DTC sales for the gift-giving season. The venue itself supports our social strategy, as the visual experience invites content creation at every turn: glossy surfaces, curving walls, bespoke “vats” that hold 5 gallons of slime each, glow-in-the-dark hand painted wallpaper, and pops of vivid color. Sloomoo has 450.8M impressions from posts created on-site that further increase our brand awareness through user-generated content - including tags from Chance the Rapper, the Hadid family, the Kardashian-Wests, Drew Barrymore, Real Housewive members and more.


Our pulse on cultural trends informs product development that supports timely, limited edition slime drops - like that of our Valentine’s Day Collection which includes slimes inspired by the cultural zeitgeist like “You Got Rizz,” “Ghosted” and more. Our success in driving DTC slime orders through social media informed our “drop” calendar that launches slimes in limited-edition runs. The team is able to gather pre-orders, driving buzz and traffic website, while allowing our slime kitchen time to meet the demand for DTC product.


Sloomoo Institute's social strategy is massively successful at increasing brand awareness and communicating our brand story. In the last two years we’ve grown our Instagram following by 36.7%, Facebook followers by 77.7%, and TikTok community by 16.6%. Our social content drove 7 figures in revenue for the brand in the last year through ticket and DTC slime sales. As a result of our brand awareness, we’ve captured the attention of major news publications and amassed more than 2.1B in organic traffic across digital and broadcast media. 

In the last year, the Sloomooverse saw more than 500k visitors, generated $30M in revenue, employs 350+ people, and occupies more than 90k sq ft across 5 cities. Our daily foot traffic is beating pre-pandemic foot traffic - with each visitor spending 90-120 minutes on average at Sloomoo. Based on first person reported data via our NPS survey, more than 75% of these visitors were driven to Sloomoo’s doors through social media awareness. Visitors include A-list celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence,  Jessica Chastain, Selena Gomez, John Stamos, Priyanaka Chopra, Kerry Washington, Shakira, Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Alicia Keys, Blue Ivy, Blake Lively, and more.

Our increased brand awareness and human-centric approach to curated storytelling allowed our business to ink major collaborations with brands like Elmer’s, Spin Master - Kinetic Sand, Google, Blue Man Group, Hershey, MSGE’s Radio City Rockettes and more.  Other city partners have included groups like Empire State Building + Dylan Lemay’s trendy ice cream shop, Catch’N.


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Sloomoo Institute


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