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YouTube Creators Embrace Uniqlo Lifewear

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Our strategic collaboration with Uniqlo in 2023 exemplifies a focused approach to influencer marketing on the YouTube platform. Our overarching objective was clear: drive an increase in Uniqlo sales or surpass $1 million in total sales. Concurrently, our aim was to boost exposure for Uniqlo's special promotions throughout the year.

To realize these objectives, we collaborated with influential YouTube content creators specializing in fashion and lifestyle, chosen based on a set of selection criteria that included the ability to produce high-quality creative content, engage authentically with their audience, and represent the core values of the brand.

Our influencer content strategy highlighted seasonal showcases of new Uniqlo styles, strategically dispersed throughout the year. This deliberate approach aimed to not only drive engagement but also generate excitement around special promotions and key shopping dates.


Uniqlo embodies “a steady consciousness of constant change, diversity, and the challenging of conventions.” It is a brand known for classic and well-designed clothing basics that can be styled for any season. Leveraging the YouTube platform, we collaborated with influencers whom we selected based not only on the number of followers but also on their ability to craft compelling narratives that could seamlessly align with Uniqlo’s ethos. 

In close collaboration with the Shoplooks team, our participating influencers created various engaging content formats, including Outfit of the Day (OOTD) showcases, style tips, and shopping hauls, successfully bringing a diverse range of voices and starting interesting conversations. One of them was Anna Reid (134K subscribers), who promoted Uniqlo items in her video titled “7 Classic Clothing Items I Won’t Wear (and What I Wore Instead).” This type of content has garnered great interest among her followers, reaching 97K views within six months. 

We also worked with Fly With Johnny Thai (230K subscribers), who gained YouTube stardom with his simple and interesting hacks on how to look “fly” even if you’re on a budget. As we expected, his Uniqlo-sponsored video, “10 Tips to Look More Expensive on a Budget,” was received warmly by his subscriber base. He offered the audience a fresh perspective on styling and showcased his impressive personal style.

Another highly interesting and successful video that resulted from the collaboration was by Nathalie Martin (36.9K subscribers), whose video “I Went to Paris with Uniqlo: Uniqlo Lookbook Fall 2023 feat. Clare Waight Keller” got viewed 293K times within a span of four months. It’s easy to see why it was a hit: the content is both aspirational and relatable at the same time. 

The collaboration was a beautiful mix of influencers coming from the luxury to streetwear niches, making them effective cultural ambassadors for a clothing brand that is so versatile that it transcends gender, class, culture, and age groups.

What set our strategy apart was the seamless integration of Uniqlo's mission into influencer-driven YouTube content. Our influencers weren't so much as promoting the clothes or themselves as they became ambassadors of Uniqlo's commitment to constant innovation, better design, and greater comfort. 

Collaboration and teamwork within the Shoplooks accounts management team and Uniqlo gave room to a culture of creative exchange that contributed to the campaign's success. This collaborative spirit extended to our influencer partnerships, where transparent communication and shared objectives enabled influencers to seamlessly align with Uniqlo's brand mission.

Continuous monitoring of influencer content was also a critical aspect of our campaign execution, ensuring alignment with Uniqlo's brand messaging and allowing for real-time adjustments to maintain campaign cohesion. 

In essence, our influencer campaigns with Uniqlo were a harmonious blend of individual voices and a collective commitment to achieving our goals. The success of our strategy showcased a fusion of creativity, teamwork, and strategic thinking that delivered tangible success for both Uniqlo and our creators.


Our YouTube partnership with Uniqlo, which ran from January to September 2023, surpassed expectations and achieved outstanding results in both sales and visibility.

By the close of Q3 2023, Uniqlo's sales on Shoplooks saw an 18.369% growth compared to the same period in 2022. 

The impact extended beyond sales, as the campaign effectively heightened the visibility of Uniqlo's special promotions. Producing a total of 41 integrated influencer videos on YouTube, the campaign amplified Uniqlo's brand message and engaged hundreds of thousands of customers.

A key highlight is the substantial ROI rate of 391.79%. This success reaffirms the efficacy of our meticulously crafted campaign strategy and the significant impact of influencers in driving tangible outcomes.



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