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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Screenshot Program

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Socio-Political Digital Docu-series

Streaming by Al-Arabiya on social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Each episode focuses on a socio-political theme and highlight sensitive topics in Arab societies while displaying  real-life challenges of individuals.

Duration: 15-20 Minutes

Producer: Lubna Alhadad


Strategy and Execution

Team: Content creators, journalists, researchers and film directors in a various Arab countries are working on this Docu-series.

Al-Arabiya production team guides the process from drafting the treatment to obtaining a refined story ready for distibution on social media platforms.

the production of the first season took place in the year 2022-2023

 Eight episodes that cover various topics from across the Arab world:

1-Meteorites'Hunter: Searching for meteorites in the Moroccan desert

2-The lethal drug: The unfortunate fate of Iraqis who contracted HIV due to contaminated vaccines that were importated from a French pharmaceutical company in the 1980s

3-Manual oil burners: North Syria, people started to use the manual method of refining oil due to the lack of automated refining stations. This exposes many people in the area to pollution and the risk of contracting deadly diseases.

4-Undocumented people in refugee camps: Challenges faced by unregistered Syrian newborns in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon

5- Crossing Land: Africans facing discrimination following a racist campaign in Tunisia related to the president's speech which highlighted the negative effect of African emigration in Tunisia. 

6-Lebanese women stir up chaos with music: A portrait of four Lebanese singers expressing Lebanon's crises and their problematic reality through modern Arabic songs.

7-Stories from Morocco earthquake: Stories from the Moroccan quake that occurred in September 2023

8-A life ladder: A day with the Palestinian Civil Defence member during the recent Gaza-Israel war.




The show is getting a lot of attention from viewers across Arab countries. The fact that the content is diverse and culturally rich due to being produced in different countries like Morocco, Lebanon, Syria,Iraq, Tunisia and others, this helps it spread widely.

Vieweres are appreciating the variety of stories, and the spotlight on controversial topics.



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Entrant Company / Organization Name

Al-Arabiya news channel - Digital / social media department.


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