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Scream VI - Ghostface Calls Paramount

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In Scream VI, Ghostface arrives in NYC for the first time in franchise history.

But to make franchise history of our own, we knew a killer entrance wouldn't be enough. How could we create a campaign of jumpscares, when everyone knew we were coming?

The answer: do what Ghostface does best, shocking fans through subversive, unforgettable content.

Given Paramount's vast library of content, this presented an opportunity: what if Ghostface haunted other IP and fanbases? After all, with Ghostface, nobody and nothing is safe — not even his fellow Paramount film characters.

A few key strategies helped us ensure Ghostface killed the social asset:

  1. Embrace Ghostface’s trademark wit without losing sight of the fact that he is the last person you want to meet in a dark alley
  2. Embrace the idea that Ghostface can find anyone — even Paramount's other protagonists
  3. Establish the full scope of Scream VI — its big city setting meant even bigger stakes, which was perfect for an unprecedented cross-post


Ghostface loves calling and taunting his victims.

So, why not have him call some characters across the Paramount ecosystem and taunt them?

Leveraging an original script, short clips from other iconic Paramount films and new audio recordings from Roger L. Jackson, we kicked off Paramount's Halloween campaign by slicing together a cross-IP "phone call" that allowed the smack-talking murderer to threaten the entire Paramount library — all in one fell swoop.

Cross-pollinating our campaign across a broad spectrum of IPs, the spot did what the Scream films do best, stabbing right through the fourth wall, and earning recognition from TikTok in a "Publisher Success Spotlight."


After amassing a new, franchise-best $100M at the box office, Ghostface doubled down on disc and digital, going on to become one of the top horror titles of the year across all channels. Not only did Scream VI outperform its projections to become a top title at-home, but it also set the stage for the next film, with fans clamoring for announcements for Scream VII during each content moment.

And when Ghostface calls, everybody knows there’s no point in running. Our mash-up video earned over 3.5 MM views across owned platforms, proving that not even his co-workers across the Paramount library of films can escape this murderer.


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Armed Mind, Paramount Pictures


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