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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Sabrina Carpenter 'emails i can’t send' tour documentary

Finalist in Documentary


The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra stands out as an exceptional tool for mobile filmmaking. With its advanced lenses, impressive dynamic range, and groundbreaking Super Zoom feature (100x), users can now capture moments with unparalleled clarity and detail.

The primary goal of this campaign was to spotlight the capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra's Super Zoom functionality and demonstrate its capacity to capture distant scenes, such as a musician performing on stage, with breathtaking precision. By showcasing these capabilities, the aim was to ignite engagement and excitement among Samsung's target audience of elusive Gen Z consumers.

Strategy and Execution

Emerging pop sensation, Sabrina Carpenter, isn’t just Taylor Swift's touring partner, she’s also one of Samsung's #TeamGalaxy strongest advocates. 

With the announcement of her new North American tour, an opportunity emerged to engage with her passionate fan base and offer them a unique experience of getting closer to the action during her live performances.

To reinforce the idea that the Galaxy S23’s SuperZoom capabilities can get you closer to the things you love, we collaborated with Sabrina Carpenter to create an interactive tour documentary that put fans at the heart of her North American tour using the Galaxy S23 Ultra to capture it in a way that reframed what a tour doco traditionally looks like. 

Our insight was born out of a simple, yet powerful truth: fans are always looking to bridge the gap between themselves and their favourite artists. In an era where social media and digital platforms dominate communication, fans crave authentic connections and meaningful interactions with the personalities they admire. They invest emotionally in the artistry and personas of their favourite artists, often considering them as sources of inspiration, comfort, and even guidance. As such, they are always eager to find ways to forge a deeper connection, whether through attending live performances, engaging with content on social media, or participating in fan communities.

If we could prove that the Galaxy S23’s SuperZoom could get you closer to the things you love, it would help fulfil Sabrina’s fans’ own desires for connection, and importantly, position the Galaxy 23 as a device full of ground-breaking innovation. 

Through an international casting call, several superfans were selected to accompany Sabrina Carpenter on her tour. Equipped with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, they were tasked with capturing intimate moments, stunning visuals, and electrifying performances from a perspective seldom accessible with traditional phone photography. The device's SuperZoom feature allowed both the fans and viewers at home to immerse themselves in the action, capturing intricate details that might have been overlooked with a standard smartphone camera.

We crafted a tour documentary from the resulting footage, which offered fans unprecedented access to Sabrina's journey, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments, all captured with exquisite detail using the device's advanced camera technology.

To further engage fans, we invited them to remotely ‘interview’ her for the documentary. The questions—read out aloud and then answered by Sabrina— provided an audio thread overlaid against tour footage to bring cohesion, humour and engagement to the film. This not only fuelled excitement among fans but also demonstrated the device's capabilities in real-world scenarios.



The fan-centric documentary captured with the Galaxy S23 Ultra garnered significant attention and engagement across social media platforms. The documentary captivated audiences with 6M impressions and over 15,000 minutes watched. The supporting content generated 3.5M views and 370K engagements, further amplifying the reach of the partnership.

The response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, achieving a total of 1,780 positive comments (87% of total comments).




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We Are Social, Samsung


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