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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Link Up (Season 2)

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Xfinity, in collaboration with REVOLT's internal creative agency #000000, unveiled the second season of "The Link Up," a visual and musical performance series. This season, starring Grammy Award-winning artist Coco Jones, brought together a diverse array of Black artists to recreate R&B classics within an immersive production that’s primary initiative was to spotlight Xfinity as a leading network provider and boost awareness among our viewers.


While hosting a vibrant house party, reminiscent of the '90s with red solo cups and soul train lines, Coco Jones covered iconic tracks paying homage to artists like Mary J. Blige. A key goal was to demonstrate the power of Xfinity’s 10G connection in real-time, as showcased when Coco Jones used it to kickstart her performance of "Real Love," seamlessly connecting with the audience and enhancing the party's energy. Amid the celebration, Coco navigated through the crowd, joining forces with other musicians, including a trumpet player, bass guitarist, and a talk box artist, spotlighting rising Black talent.


This content, dedicated to Black Music Month, transformed performance art into a celebration of the Black community's crucial role in shaping music culture. Additionally, through a carefully crafted narrative introduction and immersive production design, "The Link Up" Season 2 aimed to create a deep connection between performers and viewers.


This creative endeavor not only paid homage to musical legends but also fostered a sense of community and innovation, marking "The Link Up" as a pivotal moment in contemporary music storytelling while highlighting Xfinity as a premiere network provider.


Strategy and Execution

The development of this content was driven by a dual purpose: to highlight Xfinity’s 10G connection and to produce an authentic house party vibe that resonated beyond the screen. This project was a celebration of Black Music Month, bringing together Black musicians from diverse backgrounds to collaborate in ways they typically wouldn’t. We orchestrated a unique ensemble, featuring a talk box artist, a trumpet player, a standup bassist, a drummer, and choir singers, to craft an innovative sound that captured the essence of inclusivity and empowerment of Black creatives. Further bridging the gap between generations, we had the emerging & Grammy award winning artist Coco Jones perform a music cover that honored the past while appealing to contemporary audiences.


This initiative was not merely about showcasing diverse talent but also about fostering a Black renaissance - creating a sense of community and shared musical experience. Our commitment extended to conducting a nationwide quantitative study to assess brand perception and the reception of our content, guiding our strategy to connect deeply with our audience.


Xfinity's brand elements were woven into the very fabric of the party, from the neon glow that illuminated our cast to the strategically placed logos and SKAs that served as cultural signposts. This integration went beyond simple sponsorship; it was a profound celebration of Black creativity, echoing the vibrancy of the '90s and the connectivity of today through every frame. The series also provided behind-the-scenes access, offering insights into the production process, artist interviews, and perspectives from our visionary #000000 team.


Our challenges were manifold, including ensuring authentic representation, seamless execution of a single-shot concept across two nights for continuity, and achieving a high level of brand recall and perception. By focusing on detailed planning, inclusion, and a narrative that authentically celebrated Black music and creativity, we overcame these obstacles. This approach resulted in a notable increase in positive brand metrics post-campaign, especially among Black viewers, affirming that our project not only fulfilled its intent but also broadened its impact.


We met our goal of making a mark on culture as this year’s installment far exceeded benchmarks derived from our inaugural season. We found that our audience continued to love the music videos we produced with 7.6MM + views for the series (73% above goal). Following the premiere of the second season of ‘The Link Up’, the #000000 Research & Insights team conducted a “Brand Uplift” study to assess Xfinity’s brand perception, evaluate brand lift, and content reception to the branded series. While this was a collaboration in response to Black Music Month and our viewers felt this was the best time to release the video, many felt so moved by the content that respondents stated they would be open to seeing this type of content any any time of the year, as any time is an ideal time to celebrate Black excellence.


Below are 5 other key takeaways from the study:



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REVOLT, Xfinity


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