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REVOLT Receipts powered by Walmart

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In 2022, Walmart launched the Black & Unlimited platform designed to showcase the multifaceted elements of Black identity and individuality. While the media industry has made improvements in DE&I, Black audiences remain highly underrepresented and still often do not feel seen. A key part of Walmart’s ambition was to breakdown systematic barriers by promoting inclusive stories and fostering opportunities for Black creators to embrace their limitless potential.

With the intent of showing the full endless possibilities of especially young Black people, Walmart wanted to create content that reflected the wide-ranging interests, exceptional & entertaining talents of the audience it aimed to serve.  In searching for a co-partner, Walmart looked for a media company with the credibility to empower talent and produce enriching content—and the brand turned to the leader in pushing the culture forward, REVOLT.


With REVOLT’s deep cultural influence and emphasis on expanding the impact of Black creators, Walmart was confident in the duo’s ability to provide tangible storytelling opportunities for young Black people. To allow the ever-changing array of Black talent & passions to shine, Walmart & REVOLT aimed to create a content series that would help dispel misconceptions and false assumptions that often shapes the view of Black people as a monolithic group. It was also important for this to be done in an interesting, interactive and illuminating way. The unexpected solution was delivered upon this in a perfect tone that matched for both Walmart & Revolt—a comedic game show called Receipts.


In a guess who style game episodic show, Walmart & REVOLT would put the spotlight on the limitless potential of Black creatives and show their expansive array of passions & talents. Through each episode, a celebrity host and rotating guest will compete in trying to uncover the unique talent of Black & Unlimited Walmart shoppers by studying their receipts. With several rounds of answering clues from literal receipts of the shoppers, asking questions and checking bags of items, the show talent aim to uncover real-life backgrounds and passions of these shoppers.


After several game rounds, the Black & Unlimited identities are revealed to be an impressive array of unique talents with shoppers being Horse Back riders, Pilots, Scuba Divers or Motor Sports Drivers. The reveal is equally entertaining and jaw-dropping to highlight that the talent of young Black people has no limit and span across anything & everything. After each episode, the shoppers share who they are in a behind-the-scenes interviews to really show all the aspect of their passions and what they do. At the end of the game, a winner is crowned amongst the celeb host & guests but the true winner is always the Black & Unlimited shoppers as Walmart and Revolt come together in celebrating and reward the, for their contribution to pushing culture forward for Black identity. 


In showcasing the receipts of Black identity and ingenuity, Walmart & Revolt cashed out on a winning strategy. The unique and entertaining series in just a few months generated nearly 200 million views across REVOLT TV, OTT, OLV & social platforms with many episodes achieving over 2MM views on YouTube within the first few days. The true impact of the content was actually seen from the consumer sentiment. Through brand lift studies and focus groups, Receipts show resulted in Walmart’s core audience 82% believing it was devoted to diversity & inclusion and delivering a +15 pts increase in liking Walmart for support Black brands & creators. The Walmart & REVOLT partnership is tangible proof that when brands rise up together to break down barriers & misconceptions and empower diverse communities, meaningful engagement can follow.


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