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Red Roof x Barbie Collaboration

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In a thrilling collaboration during the summer of 2023, Red Roof teamed up with the year’s highest-grossing cinematic production, Barbie, to bring the creativity and adventure of this modern masterpiece to life for summer travelers craving more.

This collaboration epitomized the magic of storytelling, the power of innovative technology, and the significance of partnerships that redefine how audiences engage with entertainment.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s announcement of the film’s streaming release date on HBO and HBO Max, our esteemed partner, allowed us to embark on a shared journey revolving around three unique key initiatives.

Key Initiatives:

1. Pink Roof Inns Creation:
   Through the power of AI-generated imagery, we brought the eye-catching Pink Roof Inns to life. This innovative concept not only reflected the movie's essence but also showcased our commitment to creativity and uniqueness. Our objective was to spark positive sentiment and curiosity around the Pink Roof Inns, driving conversations and brand affinity.

2. Barbie as AI Travelers:
   We envisioned Barbie as the embodiment of diverse travel experiences. AI-generated images portrayed Barbie as various stereotypical travelers, each representing a distinct adventure. This initiative aimed to humanize our brand, making it relatable and approachable to our audience while infusing a sense of fun and excitement into travel.

3. Movie Bundle Giveaway:
   To celebrate the release of Barbie on HBO and HBO Max, we gave away branded prizes to two lucky winners. Each winner received an official Barbie Movie hat, coffee mug, and two Red Roof VIP Passes for a free night stay at any Red Roof location. The giveaway further solidified our partnership with the film and leveraged desirable prizes for strong social results.

Specific Goals:

1. Enhanced Engagement on TikTok:
   We focused on TikTok, a platform synonymous with creativity and innovation. Our aim was to increase engagement through this captivating content, leveraging TikTok's vibrant community to amplify our message and generate buzz around Barbie, Pink Roof Inns, and Red Roof's adventurous spirit.

2. Positive Sentiment and Creativity Recognition:
   We strived for not just engagement, but meaningful interactions. Our goal was to cultivate positive sentiment towards the Pink Roof Inns concept and the overall campaign's creativity. We aimed for our audience to recognize the ingenuity behind the campaign, fostering an emotional connection with Red Roof.

3. Brand Recognition and Association:
   We aspired to elevate Red Roof's brand recognition, establishing a strong association with fun and adventurous travel experiences. By seamlessly integrating Barbie's world with ours, we aimed to position Red Roof as a brand that offers unique, exciting, and memorable travel opportunities.

In summary, our campaign was a fusion of technology, creativity, and storytelling, seamlessly weaving together the Barbie Movie's magic and Red Roof's adventurous charm. Through AI-generated imagery, we not only met our objectives but surpassed them, creating a campaign that resonated deeply with our audience, ignited conversations, and left a lasting impression.


1. Pink Roof Inns Creation:



2. Barbie as AI Travelers:



3. Movie Bundle Giveaway:




In the end, our collaboration's impact was nothing short of phenomenal, as evidenced by a series of impressive metrics that underscored our success:

Campaign Results:

Giveaway Results:

During our 5-day organic giveaway, our audience's response surpassed all expectations, further highlighting the campaign's organic appeal and virality:


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