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Quiller is a groundbreaking marketing product for nonprofit and social justice organizations which is revolutionizing the way electorial campaigns and progressive organizations manage their online fundraising programs. Created by the award-winning online fundraising agency Authentic with the vision to streamline and elevate the process of online fundraising, Quiller harnesses the power of generative AI to generate high-quality fundraising emails and text messages in less than 20 seconds.

At its core, Quiller leverages a vast database of successful, narrative-driven fundraising emails, combining insights from countless high-performing campaigns. This rich foundation ensures that each generated content piece is informed by tried-and-tested strategies and narratives, offering an optimal starting point for campaigns and organizations. The AI model has been refined by industry experts like the company’s Founder, Authentic CEO Mike Nellis, who has helped raise more than $1 billion in grassroots donations. This ensures Quiller's outputs are not just technically sound but also resonate deeply with its intended audiences.

With the promise to deliver an initial draft at lightning speed, Quiller significantly reduces the time traditionally spent on crafting fundraising emails from scratch. What previously took teams an hour or more, can now be accomplished in mere minutes, allowing strategists to focus on refining and optimizing their communication strategy. This agility has been embraced by many prominent campaigns and organizations. 


Bringing to life was a journey marked by strategic planning, innovative execution, and overcoming challenges. Our project unfolded in several key stages, each contributing to the realization of a unique tool tailored for electoral and nonprofit fundraising.

1. Conception and Planning: The inception of began at Authentic, where we identified a gap in the market for an AI-driven fundraising tool. Our plan was to create a solution that not only expedited content creation but also helped address systemic industry issues like burnout. We assembled a team of AI experts, digital campaigners, and content strategists to build out the tool. 

2. Development and Refinement: Development involved building an AI model that could understand and replicate the nuances of effective fundraising communication. We leveraged a vast database of successful fundraising emails, infusing the AI with insights from high-performing campaigns. The challenge here was ensuring the AI’s output was not just quick, but also compelling and narrative-driven. Iterative testing and refinement were crucial, as we collaborated closely with fundraising experts to fine-tune the model.

3. Integration and Customization: To enhance its utility, was designed to seamlessly integrate with existing campaign management tools like Action Network and Action Kit. We focused on creating advanced customization options, allowing users to adjust the tone, urgency, and content to fit their campaign's unique needs. This phase involved overcoming technical complexities to ensure smooth integrations and user-friendly customization features.

4. Commercialization and Expansion: The transition from an internal tool at Authentic to a standalone product was strategic. We faced the challenge of scaling the tool while maintaining its effectiveness and user-friendliness. Extensive market research and user feedback were integral to this process, enabling us to understand the diverse needs of our potential clients.

5. Training and Ethical Considerations: To ensure our users could maximize’s potential, we developed comprehensive training modules. Addressing the ethical dimensions of AI use, especially in political communication, was another significant challenge. We engaged with AI ethics experts to ensure our tool upheld the highest standards of responsibility and transparency.

6. Unique Features and Impact: stands out due to its speed, customization capabilities, and strategic integration with fundraising ecosystems. The tool’s ability to generate initial drafts in under 20 seconds significantly revolutionizes the traditional email drafting process. The flexibility in tone and content adaptation ensures that each message aligns perfectly with the specific goals and audience of a campaign. Additionally,’s integration capability offers an end-to-end solution for campaign teams, streamlining the entire fundraising process.

In conclusion, was brought to life through a combination of innovative AI technology, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of the fundraising landscape. Its unique ability to blend speed, customization, and ethical AI use sets it apart, making it a pioneering tool in the political and nonprofit sectors.


Time Efficiency for Clients: One of our primary goals was to drastically reduce the time spent on drafting fundraising emails and texts. achieved this by generating high-quality content drafts in less than 20 seconds, a feat previously unimaginable in the sector. This efficiency revolutionized our clients' workflow, allowing campaign teams to redirect their focus toward strategic engagement and broader campaign initiatives. The time saved has been substantial, transforming the dynamics of campaign management and enabling more responsive and agile operations.

Media Recognition: The innovation and impact of have been recognized by leading media outlets, including The New York Times, MSNBC, and the Associated Press. This attention from prestigious platforms underscores the significance and disruptive potential of in the digital fundraising space. It validates our approach and highlights our contribution to the evolving landscape of political and nonprofit communication.

Industry Accolades: Our efforts have been further validated by accolades such as the 'Startup of the Year' at CampaignTech and 'AI Efficiency of the Year' with Ad Week. These awards are not just honors but affirmations of the effectiveness, innovation, and relevance of in the industry. They represent the industry’s recognition of our efforts to blend AI technology with practical, real-world applications in political and nonprofit fundraising.

In summary, the combination of unprecedented time savings for our clients, recognition by top-tier media outlets, and industry awards, firmly establish as a successful, innovative tool that is reshaping the landscape of political and nonprofit fundraising.


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