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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Project CETI: Brand & Website Redesign

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The objective for Project CETI's brand and website redesign was to create a digital platform that effectively communicates its groundbreaking work in interspecies communication, particularly with sperm whales in Dominica. The redesigned website aimed to visually and interactively convey CETI's mission to translate whale communication using cutting-edge technology. Key goals included enhancing global awareness of CETI's research, promoting marine conservation, and supporting local Dominican initiatives. The project sought to ensure the website was not only a hub of information but also a tool for engagement, reflecting CETI's interdisciplinary approach and its vision of connecting technology with nature's wonders.

Strategy and Execution

In crafting Project CETI's digital presence, Futurehaus focused on creating an engaging, informative, and interactive experience. Our strategy centered on conveying CETI's groundbreaking marine research through various innovative digital elements.

Engaging and Educational Content: The website features compelling visuals and video content, including an embedded TED talk, to visually narrate CETI's mission and approach. This storytelling method was designed to captivate and educate visitors about CETI's innovative work in marine conservation.

Interactive Audio Feature: A standout feature is the interactive audio playback using actual sperm whale sounds. This tool offers users a hands-on experience in understanding how CETI identifies patterns in whale communication, making the complex science both accessible and engaging.

Informative Touchpoints: We integrated facts about sperm whales to highlight the significance of CETI's research, such as their large brains and unique communication styles. These factual nuggets serve to educate and spark curiosity among visitors.

Updated Media and Research Hub: The Blog, Press, and Publications section showcases CETI's coverage in renowned publications and features their scientific research, reinforcing CETI's status in the marine research community.

E-commerce Integration: We developed an e-commerce foundation on the website, starting with CETI-branded merchandise like t-shirts. This feature not only supports CETI's funding but also engages supporters in a tangible way.

The challenge was to create a website that reflects CETI's cutting-edge research while being user-friendly and engaging. We achieved this by blending interactive elements, compelling content, and practical functionalities, resulting in a digital platform that effectively communicates CETI's mission and facilitates user interaction and support.


Project CETI's website redesign yielded quantifiable success, marked by a significant uplift in digital engagement and fundraising. The website now attracts a remarkable 150% increase in monthly visits compared to its predecessor. This substantial growth in web traffic reflects an enhanced user experience and a deeper, more compelling online portrayal of CETI's mission.

In the social media sphere, the impact is concrete. We observed a substantial increase in followers and interactions, signaling the website's integral role in strengthening CETI’s digital narrative and community engagement.

While extensive PR efforts led by CETI’s organizational team contributed to media coverage, the website has undoubtedly enriched discussions around their work, providing a robust platform for deeper engagement with media entities. A few months after launch, The New Yorker published an in-depth piece titled “Can We Talk to Whales?

A key highlight is the surge in online fundraising. Since the new website's launch, there's been an impressive 400% increase in donations and a 72% rise in donor acquisition. These figures are pivotal in illustrating the website’s effectiveness in motivating financial support for CETI’s cause.

The success of the Project CETI website transcends mere aesthetics; it is quantified by tangible metrics that showcase its role as a catalyst in amplifying CETI's impact in marine conservation and interspecies communication research.


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Project CETI, Futurehaus


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